Johnny Jewel Gives You An Out At Thanksgiving

Best Friday the 13th ever.
Best Friday the 13th ever.

Johnny Jewel (Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire, Mirage, Symmetry, etc.) has been giving fans an average of one unreleased demo or mix a day for nearly a month now via his Soundcloud page, as I previously noted. It is nearly futile to try to cover the developments every day, so I wanted to focus on a couple songs that will allow you to step away from the inevitably horrible conversations that will arise at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Instead of listening to Uncle Lou practice his talking points in advance of this year’s War on Christmas, check out “Lady Night Drive,” a mashup of “Lady,” from Kill For Love and “Night Drive,” from the album of the same name. Both songs are inimitable on their own, but the merger of the two is earth-shattering and hauntingly gorgeous. It’s also just plain badass.

The other, “White Light,” is a dark, slow-burning R&B number that speaks to a theme in Jewel’s family of bands. In Glass Candy’s seminal hit “Digital Versicolor,” used expertly in Bronson, Ida No pays tribute to the brilliance of white light. On the Chromatics number, Ruth Radelet takes the theme on in a sacred and seductive fashion that adds soul to the instrumental masterwork.

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