ROOM8 and King Deco Bring on the Pop Bliss on ‘No Hard Feelings’

Photo Credit: Room8.
Photo Credit: Jesika Miller.

California retrosynth duo ROOM8 are back with “No Hard Feelings,” a catchy number that comes off as a poppier, edgier blend of their past work with Electric Youth.

This time around, New Yorker King Deco is picking up the vocal duties and the overall result of the collaboration is eminently satisfying.

Deco’s sugary vocals float over an upbeat arrangement, creating an interesting tension between the breakup-related content of the lyrics and the optimistic mood of the instruments.

That concoction, combined with the pairing of ROOM8’s 80s-infused synth arrangements with acoustic guitar accents and dreamy, modern synth atmospherics, gives “Feelings” a delightful timelessness. That is especially prominent on the chorus, which you’ll be humming long after the three-and-a-half minutes of pop brilliance is over.

“Feelings,” co-written by Kinetics, is the first single off ROOM8’s forthcoming EP. Ezra Reich and Nic Johns, the duo behind the group, have also worked with Little Boots and Polina on the upcoming collection. (Quick note: Those songs are great, too.)

They also have the following shows coming up:

June 11 at U Street Music Hall in DC with Lemaitre.
June 12 on Soundcheck (WNYC Radio) at 2 p.m.
June 13 at Brooklyn Bowl with Lemaitre as part of Neon Gold Pop Shop Brooklyn during Northside Festival.


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