UK Synthwave Festival: Retro Future Festival

Update, 2/3/18: This year’s festival will feature Maethelvin, Robert Parker, Waveshaper, and more! Check out the festival’s Facebook page.

Update, 6/28/17: The Retro Future Fest, UK’s biggest synthwave show, is happening! For more information, check out the festival’s Facebook page.

There’s a pretty big synthwave festival planned for July 28 at The Garage in Highbury, London. So far, Highway Superstar, Futurecop!, Sunglasses Kid, Absolute Valentine, Kalax, White Tiger, and Nina have signed on. There are rumors about others, perhaps a Swede.

Or maybe it won’t be the biggest. Maybe it’ll just be a modest stage without non-UK-based artists? The organizers are running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the thing so it’s a two-stage, full-on, entertaining event — with a very aggressive May 28 deadline. They’re asking for a modest $4,500 to get it running smoothly. The money goes to paying for the artists and other entertainment.

Pledges yield rewards like advanced tickets, posters, a VIP after party, and more.

Also at the event, the organizers are showing the trailer for an 80s retro-tinged film called Retro Grade Future. Some pledges get you the ability to hang out with people involved in the film.


You can buy tickets now.