Vehlinggo is a music publication founded in 2014 in New York, NY. The articles focus generally on deeper interviews and reviews centered on film and television scores (real and imagined), with journeys into electronic music, such as synth-pop, synthwave, house, disco, and techno, among other things.

In addition to the articles, there are mixes by the likes of Johan Agebjörn (Sally Shapiro), Pink Gloves (Italians Do It Better), and Forgotten Illusions (Valerie Collective). There is also the Vehlinggo Presents series of releases — Vehlinggo Presents: 5 Years; Rory Mohon’s Darkly Dreaming (with Burning Witches Records); Softaware’s Lavender, and Memoryy’s Not Over You remixes. And don’t forget The Vehlinggo Podcast.

It Began with Drive

Vehlinggo launched on the principle of covering everything related to the Drive soundtrack — be it those musicians directly involved or those in their extended family. This includes members of the Valerie Collective and Italians Do It Better, in addition to film composers. Interview subjects have included principal musicians Electric Youth, College, Johnny Jewel, and Cliff Martinez, along with composers such as Mac Quayle and Greg Tripi, who both assisted Martinez on Drive and many other scores.

About the Vehlinggo Team

aaron vehlinggo rise synths synthwave documentary
Still of Aaron Vehling’s interview in The Rise of the Synths.

Vehlinggo is the creation of longtime journalist and writer Aaron Vehling. He serves as Vehlinggo’s publisher, editor-in-chief, senior writer, and occasional podcaster. Alexander Burkart — creator of logos for College, Anoraak, and Electric Youth, among others — made the cool Vehlinggo logo.

Vehlinggo showcases music that Aaron and his contributor team like and that they think others should hear. Regardless of whether he’s the writer of a given piece or someone else is, this is music that you’d likely find in his music collection. In that way, this is more of a recommendation site. We typically aren’t going to write about a release just to trash it.

Contributors to Vehlinggoland have included Andrew B. White of Diamond Field (writer, photographer, and designer); Abigail Gordon of Bunny X (live events and creative consulting); Kent “Von” Hertzog of VHxRR (audio engineering consultation); Alex Karlinsky of Highway Superstar (curation consulting and projects consulting) and Pat “Misty Vales” Vehling (writing and DJ mixes). There is also a slate of freelance writers and guest writers who’ve contributed to this site: Rachel Reeves, Graham Reznick, Ben Lovett, Amine Mesnaoui, Chris Webster, Jeff Treppel, Dan Haigh (of GUNSHIP), Private Agenda, Michael Oakley, Fredrick Royster, Jerry Smith, James Mann, and Justin Weems.

Vehlinggo Newsletter

Subscribe to the Vehlinggo Newsletter, which comes out about 16 times a year. It often has exclusive content, and subscribers often are eligible for prizes like records, CDs, downloads, merch, and all-around more fulfilling lives (some of those might be lies).

Want to Write for Vehlinggo?

Email editor-at-vehlinggo.com with three samples of published writing and we’ll talk pitches and compensation, and everything else. Experience covering music for publications and blogs is preferred. For example, Vehlinggo’s current paid contributors have experience writing for publications like Rue Morgue, Bloody Disgusting, Composer Magazine, and Dread Central. Aaron will consider applicants with less experience, but the writing should be at least on par with the work published in leading music rags.

Vehlinggo Celebrated 5 Years in November 2019 with a Massive Compilation

Vehlinggo Presents: 5 Years features new or previously unreleased music from artists covered on this site with some regularity — as part of the ongoing Vehlinggo Presents series. The artists are Anoraak, Bunny X, Betamaxx, Deadly Avenger, Diamond Field & Dana Jean Phoenix, FM Attack, Forgotten Illusions, Highway Superstar, In Mirrors, Johan Agebjörn, Le Matos, Maethelvin, Mecha Maiko, Metavari, The Midnight, Parallels, and VH x RR. Listen to the music via the embed below (you can also buy it there):

Aaron Does Commissions & Freelance Writing

Aaron does commissioned copywriting and podcasting, along with freelance music journalism. Aaron’s freelance writing appears in Bloody DisgustingDread Central and City Pages, among other publications.

Aaron’s copywriting has traditionally centered on blurbs, obi strips, hype stickers, bios, and press releases for artists and labels — with content and social strategy an option in some circumstances. Recent examples include the obi strips for MONDO/Death Waltz releases (official soundtracks for Ma, The Wind, Exode, and We Are Still Here, and Adam Wingard’s Past Life Regression); liner notes for Le Matos’ Coming Soon and Ninja Eliminator Trilogy, Mecha Maiko’s NOT OK, and Code Elektro’s Live at RADAR Station. There is also copy for Italians Do It Better’s store and promotional materials; and the hype stickers for Lakeshore Records’ vinyl release of the Assassination Nation soundtrack and Burning Witches Records’ vinyl release of Deadly Avenger’s I Am Godzilla, You Are Japan.

Examples of podcasting commissions include interviews with Cliff Martinez and Will Bates for the official Lakeshore Records podcast and Videoman composers Robert Parker and Waveshaper (and director Kristian Söderström) for a one-off Lakeshore podcast promoting that film.

Full portfolio and client list available upon request. Email copywriting-at-vehlinggo.com if you’re interested in working with Aaron in a copywriting or podcast capacity. 

To reach Aaron for general inquiries, email him at editor-at-vehlinggo.com. Important Note: Don’t send submissions to the “Editor” email address. Submissions sent to that address are ignored, at best. Scroll down for submission information.


CRT TV art by Jahn Alexander.
Vehlinggo logo displayed on a CRT TV. Art and concept by Jahn Teetsov.


You’ve made it this far. Here’s a prize.


Note: Submissions are severely limited while Aaron works on some larger projects. If we have a previous arrangement in place, no need to worry. Otherwise, keep this restricted period in mind if you’re submitting.

If you are a score composer, or you represent a score composer, please submit via composers-at-vehlinggo.com (put an @ in there). Others should email submissions-at-vehlinggo.com.

(C) 2014-2022 Vehlinggo. Feature header art by Jahn Teetsov.


  1. So glad I found your website can you please direct me to more of —-> https://soundcloud.com/vehlinggo/johan-agebjorn-mix <– type of music

    What are some other artists that I am missing out on hearing?

    Does FUN FUN have a CD or DVD compilation with all the songs and music video footage included on it and what about CLIO?

    I am also a big fan of FUN FUN and CLIO this music genere is so cool and fun to listen to compared to other music.

    As I am listening to the song above i'm just glad to be hearing it it's real good to listen while researching linux forums ok ok i'll stop blabbing now.

    Thank you again 🙂

  2. Wow. Thank you Aaron, this is a site I never heard of before, your interviews with The Midnight and others are fascinating insights.

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