Vehlinggo editor/publisher Aaron Vehling.
Vehlinggo publisher, editor, and senior writer Aaron Vehling.

Brooklyn, NY-based music publication Vehlinggo was founded in 2014 and focuses generally on deeper writing centered on the realm of film and television scores; synth-pop; synthwave; and other forms of electronic music such as disco, Italo Disco, boogie, house, and techno.

The site was launched on the principle of covering everything related to the Drive soundtrack — be it those artists directly involved or those in the same realm as the principles. Vehlinggo also produces a popular podcast on The Damn Fine Network that people seem to enjoy.

Vehlinggo is the creation of longtime journalist and writer Aaron Vehling. He serves as Vehlinggo’s editor, publisher, senior writer, and podcaster. Dread Central has referred to Aaron as a “synth historian” and Lakeshore Records has coined him “everyone’s favorite synth writer” and a “Drive soundtrack expert.” Alexander Burkart created the cool logo.

Vehlinggo showcases music that Aaron and his team likes and that they think others should hear. Regardless of whether he’s the writer of a given piece or someone else is, this is music that you’d likely find in his music collection. In that way, this is more of a recommendation site. We typically aren’t going to write about a release just to trash it.

To reach Aaron, email him at editor-at-vehlinggo.com. Important Note: Don’t send submissions to the “Editor” email address. Submissions sent to that address are ignored, at best. Scroll down for submission information.

Vehlinggo covers scores (for real and imagined films), synth-pop, and related fare the most, but also features words about synthwave, Italo Disco, house (not deep, not tropical), techno, and other things.

Vehlinggo is filled with reviews, interviews, sometimes news, a podcast, and high-caliber mixes. There are also the super rare columns, such as the Italo Disco-focused The Beat’s Alive or the second-look-oriented ReSounds.

Subscribe to the Vehlinggo Newsletter, which comes out about 10 times a year. It often has exclusive content, and subscribers often are eligible for prizes like records, CDs, downloads, merch, and all-around more fulfilling lives (some of those might be lies).

If you’re the type who likes to support your favorite music websites by purchasing merch, here’s your opportunity to buy Vehlinggo shirts! — and mugs!

Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin of Electric Youth.
Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin of Electric Youth. They are among the artists who’ve been interviewed for in-depth ‘Vehlinggo’ pieces.

has a particular interest in the following, and those who are inspired by or affiliated with the following — some interviewed on this site (list not always up-to-date; link denotes an interview):

The Valerie Collective (College, AnoraakMaethelvin, and more); Electric Youth; Le Matos; The Italians Do It Better family (Johnny Jewel‘s Chromatics, Glass Candy, Symmetry, Desire, Mirage, etc.); John Carpenter, Cliff Martinez, Goblin; Tangerine Dream (including Paul Haslinger); Enigma. Ghostly International (Com Truise, Matthew Dear, Tycho, etc.). Disasterpeace. Vangelis. FM-84. The Midnight.

Johnny Jewel of Chromatics, Desire, Glass Candy, Symmetry, etc. Photo Credit: Italians Do It Better.
Johnny Jewel of Chromatics, Desire, Glass Candy, Symmetry, etc. Vehlinggo interviewed him in 2016 for Drive’s 5th Anniversary. Photo Credit: Italians Do It Better.

Lakeshore Records (Drive, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, The Rise of the Synths, The Ritual, and everything else); Invada Records; MONDO/Death Waltz Records; Data Airlines; Antoni Maiovvi.

Prince George Records (Furniteur, Pleasure Curses, SAINT-SAMUEL); Sébastien Tellier; Kavinsky; SebastiAn; Daft Punk; Phoenix; Chairlift; the erstwhile Factory Records (New Order/Joy Division, Happy Mondays, A Certain Ratio, etc.); OMD.

Rosso Corsa Records (Miami Nights 1984Highway Superstar, Mitch Murder, Betamaxx, etc.); SovietFred VenturaBlack Catalogue (Monty Luke, Carter Bros., Stefan Ringer).

PaperwhitePr0files; Night Club; Blood Orange; GAYNGS; Prince; Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis; Depeche Mode. Omega Supreme Records (Sven Atterton, SaiR, Liquid Pegasus, etc.).

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CRT TV art by Jahn Alexander.
Vehlinggo logo displayed on a CRT TV. Art and concept by Jahn Teetsov.

Want to Write for Vehlinggo?

Email editor-at-vehlinggo.com with three samples of published writing and we’ll talk pitches and compensation, and everything else.

Feature header art by Jahn Teetsov.

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Submissions are closed until Sept. 1. Note: If we have a previous arrangement for a piece, then you don’t need to worry.

To submit, email the following to submissions@vehlinggo.com: your press release/bio/release info (no PDFs or Word docs); attached photos; a link to your release (private or public).

(C) 2014-2018 Vehlinggo.

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  • So glad I found your website can you please direct me to more of —-> https://soundcloud.com/vehlinggo/johan-agebjorn-mix <– type of music

    What are some other artists that I am missing out on hearing?

    Does FUN FUN have a CD or DVD compilation with all the songs and music video footage included on it and what about CLIO?

    I am also a big fan of FUN FUN and CLIO this music genere is so cool and fun to listen to compared to other music.

    As I am listening to the song above i'm just glad to be hearing it it's real good to listen while researching linux forums ok ok i'll stop blabbing now.

    Thank you again 🙂

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