British synth composer OGRE loves Vehlinggo so much he’ll even wear a Vehlinggo shirt to the beach in the middle of summer.

Brooklyn, New York-based Vehlinggo, founded in 2014, is the creation of longtime journalist and content writer Aaron Vehling. He serves as Vehlinggo’s editor, publisher, and primary writer. Alexander Burkart created the cool logo.

Contact Aaron at editor-at-vehlinggo.com for discussions and information of various types. Don’t send submissions to the “Editor” email address, though. Please. Submissions sent to that address are immediately disqualified. Scroll down for submission information.

Vehlinggo is filled with reviews, interviews, and sometimes news. There are also the super rare columns, such as the Italo Disco-focused The Beat’s Alive or the second-look-oriented ReSounds. Essentially, Vehlinggo only publishes pieces about music that Aaron likes and that he thinks others should hear.

David “College” Grellier performing one of his masterful songs. Grellier has done a few interviews with Vehlinggo over the years. Photo Credit: PJ Skyman.

Vehlinggo covers synth scores (for real and imagined films), synthpop, and related fare the most, but also writes a lot about synthwave, Italo Disco, house (not deep, not tropical), and techno.

CRT TV art by Jahn Alexander.
CRT TV art by Jahn Teetsov.

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Vehlinggo has a particular interest in the following, and those who are inspired by or affiliated with the following — some interviewed here (list not always up-to-date; link denotes an interview):

The Valerie Collective (College, AnoraakMaethelvin, and more); Electric Youth; Le Matos; The Italians Do It Better family (Johnny Jewel‘s Chromatics, Glass Candy, Symmetry, Desire, Mirage, etc.); John Carpenter, Cliff Martinez, Goblin; Tangerine Dream; Enigma. Ghostly International (Com Truise, Matthew Dear, Tycho, etc.). Disasterpeace. Vangelis. FM-84. The Midnight.

Johnny Jewel of Chromatics, Desire, Glass Candy, Symmetry, etc. Photo Credit: Italians Do It Better.
Johnny Jewel of Chromatics, Desire, Glass Candy, Symmetry, etc. Vehlinggo interviewed him in 2016 for Drive’s 5th Anniversary. Photo Credit: Italians Do It Better.

Lakeshore Records (Drive, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, The Rise of the Synths, and everything else); MONDO/Death Waltz Records; Data Airlines; Antoni Maiovvi.

Prince George Records (Furniteur, Pleasure Curses, SAINT-SAMUEL); Sébastien Tellier; Kavinsky; SebastiAn; Daft Punk; Phoenix; Chairlift; the erstwhile Factory Records (New Order/Joy Division, Happy Mondays, A Certain Ratio, etc.); OMD.

Rosso Corsa Records (Miami Nights 1984Highway Superstar, Mitch Murder, etc.); SovietFred VenturaOmega Supreme Records (Sven Atterton, SaiR, Liquid Pegasus, etc.).

PaperwhitePr0files; Night Club; Blood Orange; GAYNGS; Prince; Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis; Depeche Mode. Black Catalogue (Monty Luke, Carter Bros., Stefan Ringer).

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Vehlinggo editor/publisher Aaron Vehling.
Vehlinggo editor/publisher Aaron Vehling.

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Feature header art by Jahn Teetsov.

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Also, don’t send downloadable music files unless requested (but do send downloadable, high-resolution images). Instead, link to private streams (or public, if your work is already released).

Vehlinggo accepts submissions with press materials in England and French. For non-synthwave releases, use the form below to establish a connection. (For synthwave releases, email submissions@synthwave.net.)

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