The Vehlinggo Podcast

The Vehlinggo Podcast is now on The Damn Fine Network, alongside The Lakeshore Records Podcast, The DFC, The Music Cabinet, and more. Below are direct links to the episodes. (You can also find it on iTunes and Stitcher.) Below are the episodes.

Season 3 – Episode 8, Oct. 24, 2018. On this month’s episode of The Vehlinggo Podcast, host Aaron Vehling plays synth-pop, synthwave, and horror-filled synth scores from the likes of Italians Do It Better’s Desire, Bunny X, Le Cassette, Espectrostatic, Von Hertzog, Vampire Step-Dad, Darkest, and more. Also, listen closely for your chance to win a rare vinyl test pressing of Betamaxx’s “Lost Formats.”

Season 3 – Episode 7, Sept. 22, 2018. Guests Dana Jean Phoenix and Absolute Valentine discuss their Neon Festival experience and their latest releases. Aaron also plays some sweet tunes and introduces a new theme song.

Season 3 – Episode 6, Aug. 18, 2018. Le Matos are the guests on this episode. They’ll premiere a track from and talk about the score for Summer of ’84, a new horror film from the directors of Turbo Kid. Aaron will also play new songs by You Drive, Dragon Inn 3, Saint-Samuel, MNYNMS, Nation of Language, and Killstarr.

Season 3 – Episode 5. July 21, 2018. Synth musician and director Pilotpriest (AKA Anthony Scott Burns) is the guest on this month’s episode of The Vehlinggo Podcast. Burns and host Aaron Vehling talk about his beloved albums, such as Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, his current projects, and his work with friends Electric Youth.

Season 3 – Episode 4. June 23, 2018. In today’s podcast episode, Aaron interviews Deadly Avenger and premieres a song off his forthcoming album The Girl with the White Orchid, which Lakeshore Records releases on July 20. There’s also an interview with Mecha Maiko, who picks a new Bulkhead song for the Found Sounds segment and talks about her upcoming tour. Aaron also plays tunes.

Season 3 – Episode 3. May 26, 2018. On this month’s episode of The Vehlinggo Podcast, host Aaron Vehling brings on the sunshine vibes to usher in the summer. He examines the proto synth-pop album The Beach Boys Love You and plays upbeat, synth-laden gems — both classic and modern. Expect to hear Michael Oakley, Helen, and some surprises.

Season 3 – Episode 2. April 28, 2018. This episode is packed with fascinating material. Host Aaron Vehling interviews beloved synth composer Xander Harris, who’s coming off a traumatic experience, and Highway Superstar, who talks about a Le Flex song he really digs. Aaron also plays four exclusive premieres from The Midnight & Timecop1983, Deadly Avenger, Computronic, and Highway Superstar, whose remix for the upcoming Vehlinggo Presents compilation is revealed for the first time.

Season 3 – Episode 1. March 31, 2018. On the first episode of the Vehlinggo Podcast for The Damn Fine Network, host Aaron Vehling provides an overview of some of the compelling styles of the often enigmatic synthwave genre. He tackles the light, the dark, and points in between in a quest to give synthwave newbies an opportunity to go down the rabbit hole of the ’80s nostalgia-inspired genre in all its different forms.

The earlier seasons of The Vehlinggo Podcast are housed on the Vehlinggo Mixcloud page. Guests included FM-84, Timecop1983, and The Damn Fine Network founder and Lakeshore vinyl guru Tony Giles.