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Dreamy Timecop1983 Is the Latest ‘Vehlinggo’ Podcast Guest

Timecop1983, the humble Dutchman also known as Jordy Leenaerts, is the latest guest on the Vehlinggo podcast.

In this episode we cover a fair amount of topics, including his upcoming album, what it’s like to be one of the pillars of dreamwave, the marketability of his sound, how all these European musicians can be international stars — who tour! — without giving up their day jobs, and more. I also make some startling admissions.

At one point, the modest Leenaerts will utter this ridiculous but telling phrase: “I’m still surprised everyday that people like my music so much.” Be not surprised, Mr. Timecop1983. Be not surprised.

Have a listen.

What we don’t cover is the bulk of the Timecop1983 backstory, but you can get that in our 2015 interview.

The artist’s latest releases are the Lovers EP – Part II and the Crossing Souls soundtrack with Chris Kobke. He is, indeed, working on a new album and has some tour dates coming up.

Feature Photo: Timecop1983 plays at the Night Arcade in Amsterdam in 2017.

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