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Highway Superstar Builds a Dance Party for a New Vehlinggo Mix

This year has been a landmark one for Vehlinggo mixes after only a couple months, and March is no different. This month, Highway Superstar, the international, ’80s-inspired synth-pop artist, has crafted a multi-faceted dance party for you. Its bedrock is an unbridled show of nu-disco, Franco-electronic, synth-pop, synthwave, and indie-electronic sentiments.

Jupiter, Casio Social Club, Le Flex, Betablock3r, Brothertiger, Gigamesh, Televisor, and many more make an appearance. Check it out. Make sure to read what he had to say about his mix.

Here’s what Highway Superstar had to say about his curative choices:

I wanted to do the complete opposite of the traditional “build-up” approach and start off strong and fast-paced with what, in my opinion, are some true bangers. The second part of the mix is somewhat of a new-wave cool-down from the party, ending on a nostalgic note that is a beautiful throwback remix. Somewhere in there is a cameo by Andy Synth. It’s an absolute joy to curate music for people to listen to and I do hope you discover some rarities and goodies through this mix.

The Full Tracklist

  • Jupiter – “Starlighter (Steve Moore Remix)”
  • Pioneerball – “626 Jam”
  • CIEN – “Float”
  • Peking Duk x AlunaGeorge – “Fake Magic (Gigamesh Remix)”
  • Dliemmachine – “Revive the Machine”
  • Abelard – “Dance In Space (Dream Fiend Remix)”
  • Le Flex – “I’ll Never Find A Better Love”
  • Casio Social Club – “Little Luv (Radio Edit)”
  • Jarami – “Hear This”
  • – Commercial Break –
  • Highway Superstar – “Skylines”
  • Onra – “No Question (ft. Pomrad)”
  • Poko Cox – “This is It”
  • Mullaha – “Touchy (feat. Japhy Saatchi)”
  • The Quarks – “Mechanical”
  • Kaoma – “Sindiang”
  • Betablock3r – “In My Head (Televisor Remix)”
  • StaG – “I Think I’ll Shout (Brothertiger Remix)”

Learn More about Highway Superstar

Highway Superstar recently released “Maybe I’m Fallin’ in Love,” performing it at shows and on live, international television.

In 2015, when he released his excellent sophomore album Endgame, Highway was the subject of a Vehlinggo profile.

Highway Superstar has a song on the Kung Fury soundtrack.

Did You Miss Out on Previous Vehlinggo Mixes?

Johan Agebjörn (Sally Shapiro, Videoman), Forgotten Illusions (Valerie Collective, Bordello A Parigi), Mr. Eff (Giallo Disco Records), Misty Vales, McCoy, Diamond Field, and Chemical Cloud have previously provided stellar mixes. They’re all housed on Mixcloud, although the Agebjörn contribution was first posted on SoundCloud.

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