Friday 5: Dita & Sebastien, Sferro, Smokey Emery, Robert Parker, Timecop1983

I’m recommending five releases today, all of which I’ve been enjoying immensely. They’re a fine mix of dreamy, synthy, dancey, and challenging. Anyway, enough of this intro already. It’s tedious. Let’s get to the music, eh?

Dita Von Teese  – ‘Porcelaine (Jam City Dub)’

The Dita Von Teese self-titled album that she and Sebastien Tellier album created is exquisite as hell — although I’m biased, because I’m a massive fan of the aesthetic and compositional choices of both artists. Jam City’s dub version of album closer “Porcelaine” transcends even the bliss of the album, though. It’s a beautifully grand, yet minimalistic and ethereal offering that at times sounds like Class Actress in space. Dub versions of songs are always a blast, but Jam City really kills it on this one.

Sferro – Wetware Computer 2

Sferro’s Wetware Computer 2 comes about five years to the today after the first Wetware release. The pioneering synthwave artist and founder of Girlfriend Records continues his journey to inject some colorful creativity into the genre, defying tropes and giving us something engaging to experience. I generally find it’s best to be the one bumping Sferro’s work whenever possible. The album is out today via Rosso Corsa Records, which has been consolidating and growing a roster of synthwave pioneers who are working to reinvigorate the genre they helped create.

SmokEy Emery – ‘Bright Keys’

Emery’s haunting sonic manipulations and field recordings are engaging creations and “Bright Keys,” the first single off Soundtracks for Invisibility Vol. IV: Photo of a Painting, is no different. The dirty contemplation of “Bright Keys” reminds me of what would happen if you crossed Dean Hurley’s work for Twin Peaks: The Return with Ariel Loh’s gorgeously haunting ambient score for The Eyes of My Mother. The entire Vol. IV album releases on July 6 digitally and on cassette via Holodeck Records.

Robert Parker – End of the Night

Swedish musician Robert Parker’s latest album, End of the Night, is a great soundtrack to sundown activities that require kinesis. On cuts such as “Final Moment,” Parker channels Justice, blending French Touch vibes with the immediacy of a montage from a 1980s film in which the protagonist is training for a big fight. “Make Love,” his latest collab with Miss K, is a nice cut of Italo Disco. Overall, Parker never disappoints in his ability to cultivate a good time. Available now via NRW Records. Note: Vehlinggo is co-sponsoring two Parker tour dates in America this month — learn more here. Parker will then return to this country in August for NEON.

Timecop1983 – Night Drive

Timecop1983 is a powerhouse of dreamy bliss, crafting masterful synthscapes and catchy melodies that embody complex emotions and contemplative quests. Night Drive, the Dutch producer’s latest album, doubles down on that, albeit with the cover of night. It’s an enchanting experience. With him for the drive are a basket of fine collaborators. The Midnight — you heard “Static” premiere on the most recent episode of the Vehlinggo Podcast. Longtime collaborator Josh Dally, who’s poised to do live shows with Timecop, returns. The Bad Dreamers are here for a beautiful song called “Back to You.” LeBrock and Kinnie Lane also bring the vibes to this neon-noir tale. It’s available now, straight from Timecop’s Bandcamp page.

Catch Timecop1983 at the Human Music Festival later this month in New Jersey.

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