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Com Truise Is on ‘The Vehlinggo Podcast’

Com Truise (AKA Seth Haley) is the guest on the latest episode of The Vehlinggo Podcast. This is great news: It’s always a good day when there’s a Com Truise interview.

The Ghostly International artist and I discuss his writing and recording process, dive into the concepts of dystopia and utopia in sci-fi (and in reality), and talk about the future of the Com Truise project, among other things.

Also, I play new (or newer) music from Jorja Chalmers, Pink Gloves, Shura, Lust For Youth, and Finesse, along with one of my favorite cuts from The Souljazz Orchestra.

Listen below or on platforms like Apple and Stitcher (look up The Damn Fine Network).

(The Vehlinggo Podcast is on The Damn Fine Network. Previous guests have included Deadly Avenger, Le Matos, Pilotpriest, Drum & Lace (Sofia Hultquist), Mecha Maiko, Arcade High, Michael Oakley, Parallels, The Bad Dreamers, Dana Jean Phoenix, Absolute Valentine, Highway Superstar, and J Sweatt (formerly Xander Harris).)

(You can buy Com Truise’s discography and sweet merch from Ghostly International. You can read several essays and reviews on Com Truise on Vehlinggo, including The Grand Unified Theory of Com Truise, The Night Com Truise Made the Rain Stop, and reviews of Iteration and Persuasion System. You can also find Com Truise on Lakeshore’s companion album for The Rise of the Synths and Adult Swim’s Fever Dreams comp, among other releases.)

(Feature Photo by Effixx Studio.)


  1. I’ve never really listened to podcasts, but this one is of interest to me. I was aware that podcasts are available on spotify, so I searched, found your playlists, but this one isn’t on there.

  2. My first time listening to this podcast. Very well done 🙂 Seth seems like a swell guy. I was lucky enough to catch him live a year ago. Heck of a show in a smallish club.
    Also, does anybody not watch the Office on an eternal loop?

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