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One-Liners: Electric Youth, Maethelvin, Pink Gloves, Jorja Chalmers, Missions

I have a quick but enlightening set of releases for you to check out today. As always, I’ve broken my rule to stick to one line.

Electric Youth – ‘Breathless’

Heartfelt and intricate new single “Breathless” brings on more of the warmth and intimacy that Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin do so well — their work is imbued with a deeper hidden meaning. Just hit “play” and bask in the catchy melodies and laid-back grooves. They will bring you to a thoughtful and pleasant place. This is the third single from Memory Emotion, which releases next Friday, Aug. 9. (The first was “The Life” and the second was “ARAWA.”) Tune in next week for an in-depth profile of them, based on an interview conducted in Toronto in July.

Maethelvin – This Moment

Paris-based Maethelvin, one of the founding members of the storied Valerie Collective, returns with a one-off single replete with shiny, upbeat synths and a summery disco strut. The mid-tempo number, with its cascade of synth magic, comes bundled with a slower version that compliments the musical experience with a bit of tempered vivacity. Watch out this fall for a special thing Maethelvin is doing with Vehlinggo.

Pink Gloves – Los Angeles & Jorja Chalmers – Human Again

These two newer Italians Do It Better acts have new releases on the horizon in vinyl form, but you can purchase them in their entirety now digitally at the IDIB store.


On Human Again Jorja Chalmers — currently on tour as Bryan Ferry’s saxophonist — compiles a cinematic mix of organic and electronic instruments to cultivate a dark and intricate headspace that recalls the likes of Antoni Maiovvi, John Carpenter, Angelo Badalamenti, and White Sea. Human Again is a sophisticated reflection of true talent that expands the label’s sound into MONDO/Death Waltz or Sacred Bones territory. I hope Chalmers scores films in the near future. She would kill it. (It’s worth noting that frequent David Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley helped mix this album.) (One more note: Chalmers is a former bandmate of Parallels’ and Radio Wolf’s Oliver Blair. They were in Hotel Motel together.)

Los Angeles is a fantastic new EP 12″ from Prague-based band Pink Gloves, whom Vehlinggoland will recall from the awesome Vehlinggo Mix they made in March. On the introspective and complicated assessment of the City of Angels, Pink Gloves seemingly tackle the yearning, the peaks and valleys, and the listlessness one can feel when trying to make it in LA. They do this all through a beautifully minimalistic mix of cinematic synths, downtempo rhythms, and Petr Pliska’s richly enticing vocals. Also worth noting on this release: They do a faithful but novel cover of Robyn’s classic “Dancing on My Own” and cultivate John Hughes through the lens of early New Order on the colorfully emotional “End Credits.”

Missions – Subcreature

LA-based Missions — the project of Lou Rebecca-collaborator Josh Mills —  has released the full-length Subcreature, a beautiful tapestry of icy drum machines, noirish synths, and disembodied vocals. This darkwave and synth-pop record powers dance floors and vulnerable moments alike with a textured and layered mastery that recalls everything from Kraftwerk to early Depeche Mode to freestyle. It is also, and I write this without any hyperbole, one of the best records of 2019. Get it now via Holodeck.

(Editor’s Note: As established in this post, the One-Liners column is a concise but meaningful way to highlight Vehlinggo-recommended releases. It’s not exactly weekly, but it can be. Check out the most recent one.

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