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One-Liners: Scam Avenue, ‘Stranger Things 3,’ Bon Iver, ‘Midsommar,’ Memoryy & More

Vehlinggo is definitely getting deeper into summer mode — with a focus on finishing a couple larger projects while also taking an actual break. That’s why you’ve been seeing a steady stream of alternating One-Liners and premieres. What it also means for you is that this is the last One-Liners column for at least a month. So savor it something fierce, my friends.

Scam Avenue – ‘Jailbird’

Brooklyn-based Scam Avenue tap into the Bristolian vibe for this engaging new number, the first single from their upcoming debut LP. Check out the killer video directed by ioulex, a duo who bring some witchcraft into the mix.

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein – Stranger Things 3 Score

What’s to say? It’s fantastic. Composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are constantly evolving their approach with the passage of each year in Hawkins, Indiana — as each season leans more heavily into 1980s nostalgia, their music hews more modern. Even if you haven’t seen the new season, just hit “play.” And if you have seen it, I’ll be starting a support group.

Bon Iver – ‘Jelmore’ and ‘Faith’

Bon Iver announced two new songs today — “Jelmore” and “Faith” — from newly announced upcoming album i,i, which releases on Aug. 30.  The former is an expert iteration of the band’s latter-day abstractions and the latter a modern-pop take on the classic Bon Iver formula (albeit with some additions from Francis Starlite, Bryce Dessner, BJ Burton et al). Both cuts portray Justin Vernon’s soul-catching vocals and earth-shattering songwriting talent. I really need to go back to Eau Claire.

Bobby Krlic – MIdsommar Score

Holy hell did Bobby Krlic (AKA The Haxan Cloak) craft a phenomenal score for Ari Aster’s brilliant and challenging horror film Midsommar. Aster has a knack for choosing the right composers for his films — consider Colin Stetson’s work on Hereditary. On Midsommar, Krlic tackles the folk horror of the Sweden-set film by imbuing it with a harmony of subtle electronic atmospheres and histrionic strings and a blend of things in-between. You can buy the score now via Milan Records.

Memoryy – ‘No Time Like Now’

New Mexico’s resident indie-pop artist Memoryy has his first new single out in probably two years (a year, if you count the Vehlinggo Presents remix EP). “No Time Like Now” is a jovial number seemingly handcrafted for an upbeat summer.

Ace Marino – ‘Summer’

You first heard him in James Franco’s The Disaster Artist. LA-based Ace is back with one of those heartbreak songs that articulates well that sometimes summer isn’t always fun. One thing I like about Ace’s stuff is that he pairs well-established synthwave concepts with tight and well-crafted songwriting.

Don’t Miss This Video

“Ultrafiche of You,” from Com Truise’s exquisite Persuasion System, gets top-level treatment in a video directed by Gianluca Minucci. It’s a beautiful song on its own, but when viewed through the lens of this Bergman-inspired music video the song becomes a masterpiece.


Why did you miss this?!

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your summer. Stay tuned for some Outland Toronto coverage and a rather important in-depth profile of a certain band.

(Editor’s Note: As established in this post, the One-Liners column is a concise but meaningful way to highlight Vehlinggo-recommended releases. It’s not exactly weekly, but it can be. Check out the most recent one.

(Feature Photo: A screenshot from the aforementioned “Ultrafiche of You” music video.)