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Premiere: Future Holotape – ‘Killer Drive’

I have a fun song for you today: Future Holotape’s “Killer Drive.” The LA duo of Ernest Mancia and Julie Chang are preparing a new album, due next month, and this song offers a taste of what’s to come.

College sweethearts Mancia and Chang have been making music as Future Holotape for more than 5 years and over time have refined their sound to maximize their formula of big vocals, engaging hardware synths, and driving drum machines. (They are also an engaging live act, as mentioned in this coverage of last year’s NEON festival.)

For “Killer Drive” and upcoming album Dreaming of Connections, the duo discuss how their deep bond and other things influence their music:

“Being able to communicate really well with each other is amazing and I think that’s what makes Future Holotape work out so well. When we’re both in the studio we don’t shut out ideas — we try to go along with them as much as possible. I mean sometimes you shelf a project because it’s just not going anywhere, but we both know when a track is heading in the right direction. That’s what we did with this record. I think also our infatuation with synthesizers really does help and show when we’re in the studio. It’s a side of us that we definitely don’t show other people — we both pretty much end up making weird sounds and talking about how we can get certain sounds. Getting the right sound and having our own stories incorporated with the music is something that we both love to do.

We both have day jobs, but being able to come back home and be into something together make this project work even more. We had fun with this record and we’re really excited to finally release it.”

future holotape killer drive
Art by Derek Riggs, who designed Iron Maiden’s mascot “Eddie” and created several of the band’s album covers.