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Krakow Loves Adana Brings Along Ex-Chromatics Members on Gorgeous New Single

Germany’s Krakow Loves Adana has dropped a profoundly heartfelt and compellingly beautiful new single called “When The Storm Comes” and, delightfully, it features Ruth Radelet and Adam Miller of the former Chromatics. The song comes from KLA’s upcoming new album, Oceanflower.

Radelet lends her familiar and soul-warming vocals and Miller his intricate guitar melodies to KLA’s Deniz Çiçek’s mid-tempo blast of wistful minimalism. The Wesley Doloris-directed video, a blending of Çiçek in Hamburg and Radelet and Miller in Los Angeles, is one of those that makes you feel happy to see these folks again. The former label mates are the perfect match and are absolutely the people you want to be with when the storm comes. And it makes one (or at least me) want them to collaborate more often. (Notably, Miller returns with Nat Walker, drummer for Chromatics and currently of Fawn, on another track on the album, which releases on Valentine’s Day 2023.)

KLA is offering up the album in digital and physical formats for pre-order on Bandcamp. Right now, that will land you two songs, including “Storm.”

KLA_When The Storm Comes_single artwork by Adam Miller
Longtime Chromatics fans will recognize the artistic style of the cover art for “When The Storm Comes.” Clearly, it’s an Adam Miller joint.

What The Musicians Have to Say About “When The Storm Comes”

Miller and Çiçek had been exchanging song ideas, when the demo for “When The Storm Comes” caught Miller’s ear, according to press materials.

“I came up with the title and the chorus almost 10 years ago, but never managed to build a proper song around it,” Çiçek said in a statement. “When I showed the demo to Adam, it immediately struck a chord with the both of us.”

Çiçek first met Miller and Radelet when Krakow Loves Adana opened for Chromatics in 2019 in Europe on what became the band’s last tour ever. (Miller, Radelet, and Walker announced Chromatics’ breakup last year.)

“I was immediately in awe of the gigantic melodies in their songs which tugged at my heart,” Miller said in a statement. “So over the pandemic, when Deniz asked me if I would be interested in collaborating with her on some music, those melodies left me no choice but to say yes.”

For her part, Radelet said in a statement that she is a “big fan” of Krakow Loves Adana and that they are “fantastic people as well.”

“So I was excited when Deniz asked me to contribute guest vocals on ‘When The Storm Comes’,” Radelet said. “Filming the video was a fun project, too. Adam and I had a great time running around LA together, and I love how Wesley Doloris’ shots of us work so well with Deniz’s footage from Germany.”

Cover art for ‘Oceanflower.’

Pre-order digital and physical right now.

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