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One-Liners: Missions, Lou Rebecca, Mecha Maiko, Code Elektro & More

Hey all. This edition of One-Liners has a cornucopia of bliss for you. Read the whole thing through, listen to and enjoy the songs, and definitely bust out that wallet or PayPal.

Missions – ‘Truther’

LA-based musician and Holodeck Records stalwart Josh Mills quite recently released a new single for his exquisite Missions project. “Truther” — a darkly seductive blast of synth-driven contemplation —  is from his forthcoming album Subcreature out Aug. 2. Learn more about it.

Mecha Maiko – Ok, (H)I, Ya! (Remix EP)

The Toronto-based Mecha Maiko has dropped the remix EP for her experimental mini masterpiece, Okiya (Zoey Records). Remixers Bogdan Dražić, Love Wizard, BULKHEAD, Troxum, and Jessiquoi offer their own engagingly idiomatic interpretations of the novel source material.

Lou Rebecca – ‘Break It Apart’

The French synth-pop singer-songwriter Lou Rebecca and her producer Josh Mills (yep, same one) are a magical and inventive pair. The franglais “Break It Apart,” the first single from upcoming album Restless (Holodeck), is an upbeat dose of minimalist synth-pop that powers itself and the listener with seemingly infinite energy.

In a Dramatic Gesture – Concrete Landscape

The lo-fi side project of Montreal-based Saint-Samuel offers a brilliant blend of Kosmische and ambient, pulling you deep into the late 1970s and 1980s work of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, and Ashra. In other words, this project is fucking amazing. You can buy the four-cut EP digitally and on cassette via Berlin-based label Detriti Records.

Code Elektro – Never Mind the Solar Wind

Denmark-based Code Elektro is back with Never Mind the Solar Wind (Iceberg Records), another profound piece of evidence that he should be scoring feature films and TV. He builds entire stories and worlds using maestro-level compositional skill that nevertheless retains a deep level of accessibility.

Simulakrum Lab – Simulakrum Lab II

Italian synth composer Paolo Prevosto returns with a new album featuring several collaborations with Cody Carpenter and Dana Jean Phoenix, resulting in a great blend of synthwave, Frizzi, Tangerine Dream, and prog.

Fighter Jets – ‘Under the City Lights’

LA-based Fighter Jets will release a gritty, Deadly Avenger-recalling cut on May 24 called “Under the City Lights.” Despite its name, don’t expect an easy-breezy night on the town.

(Editor’s Note: As established in this post, the One-Liners column is a concise but meaningful way to highlight Vehlinggo-recommended releases. It’s not exactly weekly, but it can be. Check out the most recent one.

(Feature Photo: Cover art for Missions – Subcreature by Telepath Design.)

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