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Premiere: Power Glove’s High-Octane ‘Clutch’

Australian duo Power Glove have been making and redefining synthwave music for nearly a decade, scoring Far Cry sequels, licensing their songs, and ending up on popular compilations along the way. And now — finally — they are close to releasing Playback, their first full-length album in 180,000 years. Before this record hits on May 17, Vehlinggo has a premiere of their high-octane song “Clutch” for you.

The song sounds like classic Power Glove with an added air of experimentation and freedom that comes from building your craft for years. They’ve opened the door for the French Touch to flow in, blending it with their resonant hallmark synthwave sounds and some scoring tricks they learned along the way. At least, that’s how I hear it. Here’s what Power Glove have to say about it.

“We wanted to encapsulate a kind of journey through the alleys and scum of a city, taking place in a brief moment from sundown to daybreak,” the duo tells Vehlinggo. “We kept the sound pretty open for this album: it was like a big exhale of ideas we’ve had brewing for a while. We love the idea that, by the end, listeners feel they’ve witnessed something dangerous go down, like some old R-rated VHS from a time gone by.”

The album releases digitally on May 17. Electronic Purification Records will handle vinyl duties. If you’re interested in Power Glove’s vinyl back-catalog, check out Invada’s trove.

Earlier this year, Power Glove contributed to Hollydoom, the official compilation by the legendary horror magazine Fangoria. Additionally, in recent years they had a song on the companion album to The Rise of the Synths, along with the likes of Giorgio Moroder and Com Truise.

(Feature Photo: Cover art by Chrome & Lightning.)

PS: Here are the songs from Playback that are also already available.

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