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PREMIERE: Haunting New Power Glove Track from ‘Fangoria’ Compilation

The resurrection of storied horror magazine Fangoria has been a joyous affair. It returned with a Halloween-themed issue and Joe Bob Briggs graces the most recent cover, but that’s not all. Hollydoom, a fantastic Fangoria-curated synthwave compilation, will be released Friday. Today, Vehlinggo premieres Power Glove’s contribution to the album.

“Adult Themes,” the compilation’s haunting opener, draws its inspiration from some dark places, the Australia-based Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon composers said. Things like a “late-night slasher horror on the basement CRT” and “sinister and evil things we weren’t supposed to be watching” imbue the song with suspense and raw horror.

Fangoria‘s relaunch last year has had a major impact on horror fans across the globe and the duo behind Power Glove aren’t immune to the fever.

“To be part of Fangoria‘s glorious return to print is an honor,” they said.

hollydoom fangoria
‘Hollydoom’ cover. The album comes out on Friday, Jan. 11.

About Hollydoom

The Lakeshore Records-released Hollydoom is packed to the gills with legendary composers and synthwave producers, marking the latest release to highlight the natural bond between the horror-film genre and synthesizer-driven music. In this case, the Fangoria team chose artists that have “made it their life’s work to tell stories and create atmosphere through the music they write. Each track on Hollydoom will set the listener’s imagination free to roam into the dark unknown,” a press release says.

Along those lines, I imagine you wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that John Carpenter (with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies) has a cut on the compilation — Carpenter, Binary Reptile, and Carpenter Brut all have some of their classics on the release. But the compilation also includes new tracks, such as the Power Glove one featured here today, in addition to new work from artists such as Wojciech GolczewskiOGRE, and GUNSHIP.

“Possibly the last word in contemporary culture’s obsession with ’80s nostalgia, this album plays like the soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist, yet one whose title is right on the tip of your tongue,” said Fangoria editor-in-chief Phil Nobile, Jr., in a press release. “It’s ten tracks of affectionate, synth-driven false memories that will confuse music historians for generations.”

The digital version of Hollydoom is available now for pre-order places like iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp. Lakeshore Records will release it on Friday, Jan. 11, digitally. A vinyl release will come later this year.

Hollydoom Tracklist

1. “Adult Themes” by Power Glove
2. “Cthulhu (featuring Corin Hardy)” by GUNSHIP
3. “Mandarin’s Claws” by Carpenter Brut
4. “The Narrow Caves” by Binary Reptile (From Crawl into the Narrow Caves)
5. “Abyss” by John Carpenter (From Lost Themes, in collaboration with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies)
6. “The Black Dahlia” by Wojciech Golczewski
7. “Initiation” by Pentagram Home Video
8. “Razzle Dazzle” by Umberto
9. “Fugue” by OGRE
10. “Darker Skies” by Mega Drive

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