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PREMIERE: OGRE & Dallas Campbell Return with ‘All Hallows’ II’

Preview a Track and Read about This Fantastic Sequel

OGRE and Dallas Campbell are set to return to the Hallows with All Hallows’ II, the follow-up to their stunning synth score for a film not yet made. The first All Hallows’, released for Halloween 2015, is generally regarded as one of the best of its kind. The sequel will see a Jan. 25, 2019, release, but until then Vehlinggo has an exclusive treat for you. Check out the preview track, “Have You Seen Me,” below. Pre-order the release now.

The sequel builds off the first iteration with a powerful array of moods and colors: slasher synth-chase sequences, dread-laden atmospheres, and eerie synthscapes. It’s a dark and enriching experience. The UK-based OGRE and US-based Campbell take listeners on a “a conceptual narrative journey into cults and the occult, unfeeling cosmic horrors, and the unplumbed darkness of the human condition,” according to press materials.

All Hallows' II

From the press release:

All Hallows’ II draws on the duos’ combined nostalgia for the halcyon years of Carpenter and Goblinesque soundtracks, cheap horror movies, and sweet synth scores. The soundtrack is the fourth installment of their many Transatlantic collaborations, and builds upon their last horror outing, a re-score of George Romero’s classic Night Of The Living Dead on… Lakeshore Records (Stranger Things, Drive).

The accompanying story could be ripped from the pages of Weird Tales and is a delicious throwback to the slow-burn pulp horror movies of yester-decades. For fans of the weird and eerie, Lovecraftian horrors, [David] Cronenberg’s early works and immersive fiction, All Hallows’ II is an ambitious work of deep fiction told through a series of found artifacts: coroner’s reports, newspaper clippings and ominous bloodstained notes. The synopsis reads: “35 years ago, police discovered the remains of over a dozen former patients in the sub-basement of an alternative healthcare facility, The Shepard Institute For Psionic Inquiry. All Hallows’ II is the story of investigative journalist Ellis Ledstone, and Shepard’s other victims, whose bodies were never found.”

All Hallows’ II includes the unaltered case files of the events of 1983. The onus is on the reader to stitch together the narrative and come to their own conclusions about the mysterious events of 1983 and what really happened at The Shepard Institute For Psionic Inquiry, by examining the interviews, reports and artifacts, which are included both digitally with the release and physically with physical versions of the soundtrack.

I’ve said a few words about OGRE & Dallas Campbell over the years. (There was the Dread Central piece and then there’s this rabbit hole for you.) They are among our most preeminent synth wizards, crafting magnificent synth scores for real and imagined films, and creating other types of releases that similarly bring great joy into the world.

All Hallows’ II is available for pre-order right now. Don’t sleep on it. Missing out is just too frightening a prospect.

Feature Photo: The album art, created by Faye Simms.

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