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‘The Rise of the Synths’ Limited Collector’s Edition Vinyl: All You Need to Know

Exclusive Art Reveal: ‘The Rise of the Synths’ Companion Album on Vinyl

Pre-orders are open for the two-disc vinyl edition of The Official Companion Album for The Rise of the Synths, the globetrotting synthwave documentary. Vehlinggo is pleased to reveal the album artwork and give you all the information you need to know about this Lakeshore Records release featuring the likes of Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne, Com Truise, Voyag3r, and Dance with the Dead. (The street date is Dec. 8, but pre-order ASAP because these things will go fast. After all, who can resist The Rise of the Synths on vinyl?)

the rise of the synths vinyl set
The official companion album for ‘The Rise of the Synths’ will come in ‘synthwave’ translucent purple, 140-gram. (Although the actual color may vary from the color used here for display purposes.) Courtesy of Lakeshore Records.

The Rise of the Synths
Limited Collector’s Edition Vinyl Release has been teased since digital companion EPs 1 and 2 first came out earlier this year. The vinyl will have all of the exclusive songs those EPs had, including cuts from Power Glove, Com Truise, Carpenter Brut, Lazerhawk, and GUNSHIP, among others.

But the vinyl edition also comes packed with some additional tracks. There are cuts from Lakeshore Records’ renaissance man John Bergin and an exquisite synthpop cut from Daniel Davies, who as-of-late has been making music with John and Cody Carpenter (notably on the Lost Themes series and live). German Engineering and Geno Lenardo also join The Rise of the Synths vinyl version.

‘The Rise of the Synths’ vinyl Artwork

You saw the cover, back, and vinyl above, but here is the cover and back again in higher resolution.

The Rise of the Synths vinyl
Artwork by John & Henry Bergin.
The Rise of the Synths vinyl back
Artwork by John Bergin.

‘The Rise of the Synths’ Vinyl Tracklist

1 “Deckard Returns” – Chrome Canyon
2 “The Vale Of Shadows” – GUNSHIP
3 “Fatal Affair” – Power Glove
4 “Makita” – Geno Lenardo
5 “Idle Withdrawal” – Com Truise

1 “Lost In A Love” – Daniel Davies
2 “Silver Shadow” – Robert Parker
3 “A Mission To Remember” – Waveshaper
4 “Black Rain” – Code Elektro
5 “The Osbourne Effect” – German Engineering

1 “Triage” – Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne
2 “Night Stalker” – Carpenter Brut
3 “Crash & Burn” – John Bergin
4 “Dead of Night” – Dance With The Dead
5 “A Hero’s Journey” – Lazerhawk

1 “Rebar (Prologue)” – OGRE
2 “Fleshman” – John Bergin
3 “Stargate” – Mega Drive
4 “Appearance Of The Mysterious Traveler” – Voyag3r

Pre-order the vinyl today via Lakeshore Records.

Learn More about ‘The Rise of the Synths’

What makes this companion release possible is the documentary behind it all, which was primarily funded by an expansive crowdfunding effort. Director Ivan Castell and producer Javip Moreno are traveling the world interviewing both pioneering synth musicians and the artists inspired by them —  Drive artists Electric Youth and College; Miami Nights 1984; Com Truise; Dance with the Dead; Maethelvin; The Midnight; Betamaxx; Futurecop!, Kristine, OGRE, Carpenter Brut, Lazerhawk, Perturbator, Mitch Murder, and so many more.

Castell and Moreno are also interviewing music journalists, tour organizers, and others involved in the scene. For more information, read up on the documentary and its scope. It’s an inspiring endeavor.



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