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PREMIERE: New Carpenter Brut Track from ‘The Rise of the Synths’

Listen now to Carpenter Brut’s new cut, “Night Stalker,” from the forthcoming companion album to The Rise of the Synths. 

(Update, March 3: You can buy the song on Bandcamp now.)

‘Rise’ and Brut

The documentary is an ambitious film project about the synthwave movement, and will feature interviews with the likes of Com Truise, College, Electric Youth, Miami Nights 1984, Power Glove, and many more.

On the interview list is French artist Carpenter Brut, who is premiering the blisteringly intense, French House-infused “Night Stalker” today on Vehlinggo. This is the first single from Lakeshore Records’ forthcoming compilation companion piece for Rise. The full album is coming this spring — you can buy the Brut single on March 3.

The cut clearly reflects Carpenter Brut’s deft approach to synthwave — darksynth bathed in the melodic predilections of Tangerine Dream, Dario Argento, and the man for which the Carpenter Brut project derives its name; and scrubbed raw with the essence of SebastiAn.

Maybe you don’t know much about Carpenter Brut, but the sound is familiar? You might have heard CB music in video games like Hotline Miami 2 and The Crew. There’s also “Turbo Killer.” Learn more about the artist.

Screenshot of a Carpenter Brut show in Russia.
Screenshot of a Carpenter Brut show in Russia.

Other, already-announced Rise compilation artists include Waveshaper, Robert Parker, Dance with the Dead, Code Elektro, OGRE, and Voyag3r.

You can buy “Night Stalker” tomorrow exclusively from Lakeshore’s Bandcamp account, and from other digital outlets on March 21. The full album is coming this spring.

Lakeshore will be releasing more singles periodically in the run-up to the album’s release. There could also be surprise contributors announced at some point. Stay tuned.

The Rise documentary — which will look at the vibrant, global, and sometimes multidisciplinary synthwave scene — is currently in production.

Carpenter Brut’s currently embarking on a globe-trotting tour (which at times features such openers as Antoni Maiovvi and Le Matos). I plan to attend the March 9 Brooklyn gig. From what I’ve heard, the shows are an otherwordly thing to experience in person.

Read more about College, Electric Youth, and Miami Nights 1984 in their interviews about Drive. Check out Vehlinggo’s Grand Unified Theory of Com Truise.




  1. Yeah check them out live I saw them in Belgium when it didn’t look like they were coming to the U.K. and then they did a couple of months later. Amazing experience both times.

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