Watch This Video: Chromatics – ‘Shadow’ from ‘Twin Peaks’

So you watched the return of Twin Peaks. You got to that point where there was that really cool band playing some dreamy music. But who are they? You, my friend, saw Chromatics (Ruth Radelet, Johnny Jewel, Adam Miller, and Nat Walker) performing “Shadow.” And now you can watch the music video for the song, featuring a theme tied to the fabric of David Lynch’s legendary visual style.

“Shadow” originally came out in 2015 (At the time, I identified the cut’s Lynchian vibe). It premiered via Adult Swim and was available in digital and vinyl singles (Hint: It’s available again in both formats via label Italians Do It Better.) The beautifully haunting number will feature on the much-anticipated Dear Tommy, Chromatics’ followup to their 2012 masterpiece, Kill For Love. Release date for Tommy has not been announced, although the band’s manager did reveal that bandleader Jewel destroyed all existing copies of the album and started over.

In addition to his contribution as part of Chromatics, Jewel has also contributed some synthy, dreamy, jazzy instrumental numbers to the Twin Peaks soundtrack. The pairing of his and Angelo Badalamenti’s work on a Lynch project is like a Vehlinggo dream come true. (Not to mention that Jewel and Chromatics are heavily tied to Drive, which is obviously a Vehlinggo favorite.)

Watch for two Twin Peaks soundtracks coming out soon, too. You’ll find “Shadow” on one of them.

Want more Chromatics? Johnny Jewel did an interview with Vehlinggo last year to discuss the fifth anniversary of Drive, a film to which two of his bands, Chromatics and Desire, contributed songs (“Tick of the Clock” and “Under Your Spell,” respectively). He was even at one point attached to score the film, before the producers hired Cliff Martinez.

For more songs by Jewel, Chromatics, Desire, Glass Candy, and other Italians acts, you can check out the label’s YouTube and Jewel’s SoundCloud pages.

Here’s the 8-track demo version of “Shadow” (with guitarist Adam Miller on vocoded vox)


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