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Introducing the Code Elektro ‘Wolf’ Podcast Series

“… It’s important for me that this story is being told.”

Vehlinggo is proud to present something new to the blog: A podcast featuring an artist discussing one of their albums in-depth. For this and the next several weeks, the blog will feature Code Elektro (AKA Martin Ahm) discussing each of the 11 cuts on Wolf, his most recent album and one that has earned him global accolades and a legion of fans.

Art by Jon Gotlev.

The Denmark-based Ahm’s talented work comprises some of the most compelling, well-performed, and well-arranged instrumental synth albums out there — pairing his own intuition with inspiration from the likes of Vangelis, Daft Punk, and John Carpenter. He got our attention in 2015 with Superstrings before unleashing Wolf last year.

Going forward, Code Elektro’s slated to feature on Lakeshore Records’ The Rise of the Synths companion album alongside the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Com Truise, GUNSHIP, OGRE, Carpenter Brut, and many others. He’s also working on a followup to Wolf. Learn more in the brief Q&A printed below the podcast segments.

First Two Parts Available Today

Intro Spot: Introduction/The Wolf Concept. Ahm explains what he had in mind behind the idea of Wolf and also talks a bit about what to expect from this podcast series’ in-depth look at his exquisite synth-based instrumental album.

Part 1: Both of the segments below discuss “Welcome to the Wolf Den,” the opening cut on Wolf, addressing different aspects of the piece.

Part 1A: ‘Welcome to the Wolf Den’ — Sounds

Part 1B: ‘Welcome to the Wolf Den’ — Writing

That’s all for today. Check back next week for Part 2, which features a look at the title track for Wolf. Before you leave, though, read the Q&A below. There’s good stuff in it.

Code Elektro (AKA Martin Ahm). Photo by Mads Dam.

The Q&A

Vehlinggo conducted a quick interview with Code Elektro to discuss the Wolf podcast, his new album, and The Rise of the Synths.

Vehlinggo: What inspired you to create this podcast to discuss Wolf tracks? It’s highly professional and supremely informative. I think fans will love it.

Martin Ahm: Thank you so much! The podcast format has something unique and special to it — and I listen to a ton of podcasts myself, so I thought why not try to record one about Code Elektro?

Also, it’s important for me that this story is being told, especially because I’m working on my next album right now. So, it feels like I’m wrapping up the Wolf “era” — and letting the Wolf go and live its own life now.

And most importantly: I love creating and sharing stuff with people who have the same interests. For me, that’s what being an artist is about.

When you were revisiting these songs for the podcast, was there anything that stood out for you — anything you hadn’t realized about your work? Any surprises?

When I’m writing an album, I try not to think too much about the process. It just has to feel right. But when I’m looking back now, I can see how the songwriting works on a subconscious level. It’s amazing how it all fits nicely together in a combined narrative.

Of course, there are also tracks that I didn’t put on the album, because they didn’t fit into the Wolf story. But maybe they will be released at some later time — I have a lot of ideas!

Maybe there’s a few things that I would do differently today, but that’s a natural part of growing as an artist, I think.

When you look back at the Wolf album cycle, what’s a high point?

There’s a few things that really stand out to me. Firstly, writing the track “Wolf” in less than a day — I hope I can do that more often. Secondly, the day when I first got the idea for the overall concept.

And finally: Driving out to my label and seeing the albums for the first time. Thankfully it looked and sounded as intended! The last couple of weeks before releasing an album is not a very fun time. I start to dream about all the things that could go wrong.

Overall, it was a fun album to make. I still enjoy listening to it, and I’m grateful that it was received so well. I just create something that I like, and it’s great when other people like it, too.

Tell me about your new album. What’s it about? How is it different from Wolf? When’s it coming out?

It’s coming out later this year, but I really can’t talk too much about it yet.

A few hints: It’s my album number three. It also has an overall theme, although in a different way than Wolf. Not very helpful, I know.

You’re going to be on The Rise of the Synths alongside some pretty big names in the synth world. How does it feel?

I’m so happy and honored to be a part of The Rise of the Synths companion album — so many amazing artists and I’m sure it’s going to be a great and important release.

Of course, it means a lot to me seeing Code Elektro along those other artists. It’s almost like I’m getting invited into the family — the synth family.

(Feature Photo: Album art for Code Elektro’s Wolf. Art by Jon Gotlev.)

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