Hodge Podge: Random Stuff You’ll Like — Soul Clap, Pleasure Curses, Com Truise & More

This is a quick post for you. I’m going to share with you some great stuff I’ve encountered in recent weeks.

Soul Clap – ‘Synthesizer Girlfriend (Ft. Ntem & HazMat Talkbox)’

This is such a great time.

Pleasure Curses – ‘Second Guess’

More guitar/synth disco bliss from these cool cats out of Portland, Oregon. “Second Guess” is the second single from the duo’s forthcoming Screens EP, available soon via Prince George Records.

Com Truise – ‘Memory’

For some reason, I’ve encountered some people who haven’t heard this gem yet. Now’s their chance. It’s the first single off Com’s forthcoming Iteration LP, due June 16. Pre-order the entire album in many formats, if you wanna be like me.

Elektrostal – ‘Hello World 101’

Dutch producers Ferry Ridderhof and Justin Billinger have crafted raw electronic compositions replete with a little “Stockhausen Syndrome.”

Night Drive – ‘Rise and Fall (Classixx Remix)’

Get ready for summer a little early.

Sin Cos Tan – ‘Sooner Than Now’

This has been out for five years, but I hadn’t ever heard it until last week. Lame that I’m this late to the party? Better late than never.

(Feature Photo: Those gorgeous flowers are the work of Jahn Teetsov.)

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