‘The Rise of the Synths’ Companion Album Will Be 2 EPs

The much-discussed companion album for The Rise of the Synths synthwave documentary will be released as two EPs via Lakeshore Records. The first, fronted by Giorgio Moroder, will be released on May 1 via Lakeshore’s Bandcamp and May 12 via all other digital outlets.

Tracklist for EP 1
1. Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne: “Triage”
2. Carpenter Brut: “Night Stalker” (which Vehlinggo premiered last month)
3. Dance With The Dead: “Dead of Night”
4. OGRE: “Rebar (Prologue)”
5. Lazerhawk: “A Hero’s Journey”
6. Mega Drive: “Stargate”
7. Voyag3r: “Appearance of the Mysterious Traveler”

Other artists previously named in connection with a companion album, like Com Truise and Gunship — both set to be featured in the synthwave documentary — are ostensibly going to be on EP 2, which will be released in June. The final tracklist is not yet available.

For The Rise of the Synths, filmmakers Javip Moreno and Ivan Castell, are interviewing the likes of College, Electric Youth, OGRE, and Miami Nights 1984. (As you can see, there are dozens of artists scheduled to be interviewed for the film, including many who have cuts on the companion EPs). Even influential writers and multimedia creators who’ve covered the scene will ostensibly be featured.

The film is currently in production worldwide after a successful Indiegogo run that followed a bumpy Kickstarter campaign last year. The film, and its companion EPs, will be awesome. Just wait.

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