Code Elektro Returning in June with ‘Wolf’

On June 3 Danish composer Code Elektro will release Wolf, the follow-up to last year’s epic and highly lauded Superstrings.

That LP was known for its pristine production and intricate, retro-electronic arrangements that recalled the likes of Brad Feidel, who created the iconic original Terminator soundtrack. The new LP, Wolf, invokes Vangelis’ work on Blade Runner and Daft Punk’s score for Tron: Legacy.

Martin Ahm, a sound designer who is the man behind Code Elektro, describes Wolf as somewhat of a concept album.

Wolf… mixes themes such as technology, the future and the role of man in relation to nature,” Ahm said in a press release. “Each track on the record describes a feeling or an action, and all of the tracks describe an adventure: From the initiation ritual of the wolf den to the Scandinavian nature, storms, the darkness of night, the city lights – and the final transformation.”

(Feature Photo Credit: Art by Jon Gotlev) 

Iceberg Records will release Wolf on vinyl and all your favorite digital platforms in June. Sample the entire record below:

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