Memoryy Deals in Dichotomy on New Collaboration with Brothertiger

Fresh off an expert remix of Paperwhite’s “Unstoppable” and the debut of his theme for Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix show, Albuquerque-based producer Memoryy has unleashed the excellent “Out of the Dark.” This collaboration with Brothertiger has its share of darkness, to be sure, but it’s also an easy-breezy, disco-pop cut that in some respects sounds like a Technique outtake.

The song has the bouncy backbeat and the purple minor-chord synths of New Order’s foray into the disco-Balearic, paired with the jangly guitars of the storied band’s earlier work. By the time of the song’s festive bridge, the song takes on a cross between Helen’s Italo Disco classic “Zanzibar” and Seahawks’ psychedelic yacht rock/marina drone/”sloopwave.” The song’s closer follows, showcasing the emotional tour de force of the refrain.

Overall, the cut reflects the best elements of the songwriting of both the former Brooklynite Memoryy (AKA Shaun Hettinger) and current Brooklynite Brothertiger (AKA John Jagos). It’s pop enough to stick in your brain for a while, rhythmic enough to get your blood pumping, and emotionally intelligent enough to make it all worthwhile.

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