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PREMIERE: Samantha Fox – Hot Boy (Highway Superstar Remix)

Today’s premiere is fantastic: the killer Highway Superstar remix of Samantha Fox’s hotly anticipated Videoman-associated single “Hot Boy.” The original song, which features music by Johan Agebjörn, will be released on April 9 with a host of remixes.

“Hot Boy” is from the forthcoming Swedish film Videomannen (Videoman). The film is set in a video store in the 1980s and the single reflects this time period perfectly.

How did this track happen?

Here’s what Agebjörn says about how “Hot Boy” came together:

“Kristian Söderström, the director of the movie, asked me to make some songs with some ’80s stars. He suggested Samantha Fox to sing ‘Hot Boy’ and I thought ‘that would never happen,’ but I didn’t want to tell him ‘there’s no use asking her,’ so I sent an email via her official web site.

In a few days I heard from Sam’s manager that they liked the track and that she wanted to sing on it. That felt quite surreal! Later, we all recorded a music video in Gothenburg.”


As well as the single mix, there are 10 remixes:

1. Single Mix
2. 12-Inch Johan Agebjörn Mix
3. A Copycat Hot Dub
4. A Copycat Hot Remix
5. Highway Superstar Remix
6. Robert Parker Extended Remix
7. Jenkki Remix
8. Silent City UK Remix
9. AW Studio Remix
10. DJ Scott-e’s 80’s Flashback Mix
11. Paddy Duke Remix

It will be released as a limited edition CD and available online for download and streaming through all the major outlets on Monday, April 9. Two of the mixes are exclusive to the CD. Because the track is taken from Videoman, Fox shot a promo video for the single with the same team who made the movie. It is very much an homage to those classic videos of the ’80s.

For legal reasons the song wasn’t included on the official motion picture soundtrack, which features Robert Parker’s and Waveshaper’s score along with pop cuts, including a Sally Shapiro song. It’s available via Lakeshore Records.

VIDEOMANNEN stars Stefan Sauk (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Lena Nilsson (The Swedish ’80s Star), Martin Wallström (Mr. Robot), Sven Wollter (13th Warrior), Amanda Ooms (Expendables 2) and Morgan Alling (Arn). Directed by Kristian A. Söderström. Robert Parker and Waveshaper did the score.

For more information on the film and its score, check out this podcast interview Aaron from Vehlinggo did with director Kristian A. Söderström and score composers Robert Parker and Waveshaper.


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