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PREMIERE: Arcade High Remixes Scandroid’s ‘2518’

Fresh off a stint opening for The Midnight last month, Pittsburgh’s Arcade High are back with a vivacious remix of Scandroid cut “2518.” The cut is off forthcoming remix album Dreams in Monochrome, which is available for pre-order tomorrow, April 6, via FiXT.

Each vocal song from Scandroid’s sophomore album Monochrome gets a treatment on the remix album from the likes of Sunset Neon, Michael Oakley, VHS Dreams, PYLOT, Synthatiger, Robert Parker, Robots With Rayguns, Turboslash, Magic Sword, and, of course, Arcade High.

“When we do a remix, we like to turn the song on its head,” says Arcade High’s Ryan Boosel. “We found our inspiration while reorganizing the vocal lines. It clicked when [other member Patrick Farone] placed the lines ‘it’s you and me’ and ‘glowing in the night’ next to each other. From there we knew we had to write a love song.”

Catch Arcade High next month at Human Music 2 in Newark, New Jersey.

Dreams in Monochrome releases on April 20 and will be available in digital, CD, and limited-edition cassette.

Scandroid is Detroit-based Klayton’s synthwave project. For more information, check out his record label’s site.

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