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PREMIERE: Furniteur & Circuit Work Remix Goldroom Cut ‘Back to You’

“It was like Donna Summer was whispering in my ear from above: ‘disco’.”

I have a great new song to show you today. Furniteur and Circuit Work have built a killer remix of Goldroom’s “Back to You” from his most recent album, West of the West.

This kinetic disco take on the track — which brings a much-needed summer vibe to a nation that is mostly saddled with seemingly permanent winter — stems from the astute ear of the talented Brittany Sims (AKA Furniteur).

“I was listening to Goldroom’s last record a lot and especially loved the vocals on the Goldroom original track,” she says, “but every time I heard them it was like Donna Summer was whispering in my ear from above: ‘disco’.”


Sims hit up Goldroom, who sent over the stems immediately. However, the track was in what Furniteur calls “disco limbo” until Circuit Work heard Furniteur’s working version during a recording session at Prince George Records’ Studio B in Riggs Park, Washington, D.C.

“It’d been too cold in D.C. this winter, so we did this summer disco-jam to break through the freeze,” Circuit Work’s Mike Christensen says. “The original tune has such amazing character — we wanted to send it back to a warehouse with a light-up dance floor.”

Frequent Furniteur collaborator and band member Kevin Bayly offers up an inside look at the technical magic behind the remix.

“Mike flipped the chorus progression, which really opened up some room for an expressive bassline,” Bayly says. “In true disco fashion we mixed it down on PGR’s Tascam 388 console with an Alesis 3630 on the 2 buss — for the French House nerds.”

Speaking of Goldroom, stay tuned later this year to learn more about how he was the one who brought David “College” Grellier, Anoraak, and more over for their first stateside shows. For those who don’t know, Goldroom (AKA Josh Legg) ran Binary, which was perhaps the first synthwave blog (before it was called synthwave and before synthwave became what it is today). Keenhouse, Miami Horror, and Futurecop! also played Binary shows.


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