Killstarr and Dream Fiend Take Us To Their Breezy ‘Ocean Club’

Ocean Club. Photo Credit: Killstarr and Dream Fiend.
Ocean Club. Photo Credit: Killstarr and Dream Fiend.

I woke up to a cold and cloudy morning here in New York City. I didn’t let it get me down though, because in my head I was at the seaside “Ocean Club,” taking in the warm pastels and revitalizing breeze of the new Killstarr and Dream Fiend collaboration.

The bright synthesizers and uplifting backbeat add a relaxing, Pretty in Pink touch to the steamy 1980s South Florida, outrun/synthwave vibe pioneered by retrosynther Miami Nights 1984.

There’s some romantic yearning and associated angst in the melody, but there’s also that feeling of a resolution of all of that in the face of a warm sun, fresh air, and some nice cocktails. Who cares about petty, insignificant squabbles when we’ve got our “Ocean Club”?

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