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New Bottin Single ‘Parody’ Coming Soon

Bottin - Parody
Cover art for Bottin’s forthcoming 12-inch, “Parody.” Artwork by Dem. Design by Fra-Me. From Bottin’s Soundcloud page.

Bottin, the Italian DJ whose music often has elements of Giallo, Italo Disco, and the various care-free movements of the Mediterranean region, has a great new 13-minute Balearic-disco song coming out soon called “Parody.”

It’s on Soundcloud right now, but soon you’ll be able to pick it up on 12-inch vinyl and/or a download. It’s a brilliant followup to his 2014 masterpiece, Punica Fides, which featured the late Steve Strange of Visage on the cut “Poison Within.” That album itself was a pretty damn sunny collection.

Here’s what Bottin had to say about it on his Soundcloud page:

“[It was] made in a lukewarm Venetian winter, thinking of sun and sand dunes… Please join the caravan and listen thoroughly, don’t skip ahead: It’s a long… but gentle ride. Thank you.”

It’s an enjoyable track, and most definitely makes me long for sunnier climes. Check it out: