Could New Chromatics, Glass Candy, Symmetry Albums All Be Coming Soon?

Dear Tommy
Dear Tommy. Photo Credit: Italians Do It Better.

“The holy trinity is coming.”

That’s what Italians Do It Better manager Alexis Rivera tweeted this week.

For fans of the label, that trinity refers to three much anticipated releases from Johnny Jewel’s various projects: Chromatics’ Dear Tommy, Glass Candy’s Body Work, and Symmetry’s Still Life.

Considering that it has been a good three years since Chromatics or Symmetry released a full-length record, and so many more since Glass Candy has, this is certainly welcome news for anyone who loves those groups (such as me).

One caveat here (and it’s a big one): Body Work has been promised for years and Dear Tommy was supposed to come out in February. That they haven’t is primarily a testament to the meticulous nature of Jewel, who has referred to himself as “OCD Soundsystem” and who often laments ever mentioning releasing dates.

Luckily, songs from the Glass Candy and Chromatics albums have been trickling out slowly over the years and recent months, so people at least have a window into what to expect.

(Update on Sept. 7, 2015: There is likely a new song from Tommy being released on Sept. 8, accompanied by an announcement about the album’s release date.)

(Update on Sept. 8, 2015: The new single, “Shadow,” is available below. Just scroll a bit.)

Have a listen to the Dear Tommy singles released so far. (Note: I’ve heard that the singles might be different from the LP versions. )

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