STEREOSPREAD Reinvigorates Occams Laser’s ‘Take Your Time’


North Carolina-based duo STEREOSPREAD just released a completely reinvigorated version of the Occams Laser cut “Take Your Time.”

They call it a “remix,” but with some new lyrics and melodies and reworked production this is much more than a remix.

James Hopkins and Sara Snyder retained the smooth and sexy red-light-special vibe of the original, but this time have injected a steamier and more intense sensibility into the bedroom. It’s also darker than the original song, which isn’t surprising because in general STEREOSPREAD can ride the dark-and-sexy wave when they desire to.

It’s worth checking out the original, which will be included in Laser’s forthcoming album, but I prefer this rework. It’s fuller, more coldly sensual, and more mysterious.