This Massive ‘SynthWaves’ Collection Helps Out a Good Cause

Logo designed by Greetings Program.
Logo designed by Jeff Miller (Greetings Program) and Jay Babinall (Dream Fiend).

Synthwave fans should drop $5 or more on a 39-track compilation of old and new songs from the likes of Miami Nights 1984, Diamond Field, Futurecop!, Dream Fiend, Phaserland, The Midnight, Liquid Pegasus, Sebastian Gampl, and more.

They should do this not only because they love the music, but because it’d help benefit one of the few radio stations in the country to give a healthy chunk of time to the synthwave/retrosynth movement.

SynthWaves, the 80s retro program hosted by Noah Kaufmann on Minneapolis-based KFAI, has a new time slot now — 10:30 p.m. to midnight central time on Sunday nights. Lining up with that good news is the non-profit radio station’s fund drive. The result of that beautiful synchronicity is The Signal Home Compilation, a massive collection of songs from some of the biggest artists in the scene.

Check it out. There are some gems on there, and Kaufmann reportedly is securing a new track from the profoundly reclusive MPM to bolster the compilation. Robots With Rayguns also makes an appearance.

According to Kaufmann, SynthWaves is the first live-radio show on an AM/FM radio dial in the United States completely dedicated to playing the music, as well as presenting the artists and artwork from, the retrosynth scene.

Full tracklist after the jump:


Greetings Program – Cerberus 03:17
Arcade High – Beauty Queen 04:36
The Northern Lights – Alive 04:40
Betamaxx – Lost Keys 01:47
Luxar – Amazonia 04:15
Sunglasses Kid – (Could It Be I’m) Falling in Love 04:02
Diamond Field ft Nina Yasmineh – Neon Summer (Phantom Ride Remix) 03:58
Professor Zonic Zynth – Ferrari Lot (Extended Mix) 06:09
The Midnight – Kick Drums and Red Wine 06:21
Robots With Rayguns – Sweat It Out 03:51
Dream Fiend – Home 03:45
VHS Dreams – R.E.D.M 03:34
Liquid Pegasus – Same Old Boogie 04:24
Timecop1983 – Desires 04:31
Photosynthesi – Nice to Meet You 05:59
CLINTON AFFAIR – Breathe 04:42
Dance with the Dead – Night Drive 04:31
Dynatron – Not of This World 04:38
Alpha Boy – Thunder and Phantom 03:06
Sebastian Gampl – What is there to Say 04:42
Slanger – The Way You Love Me 04:14
Phaserland – Transport Beauty 03:26
D/A/D – Orion Beach 04:40
Miami Nights 1984 – Miami Funk 02:39
Volt Age – Future Past (Extended Rework) 04:48
Futurecop! – Afterburner 04:32
Who Ha – Twin Cities 03:49
Fear of Tigers – Hey, Can We Go Back 03:30
RF Extreme – Lighter Than Air 06:42
SelloRekT/LA Dreams – Reaching For a Star 03:29
Highway Superstar – The Road To Alpha Centauri 06:16
Neon Talk – Trying Hard 02:39
FM-84 – Neon Sunrise 04:06
Halcyon Tone – All My Girls (Liquid Pegasus Minneapolis Funk Remix) 05:55
80s Stallone – Death Race 04:04
Starblaster vs Quasars – Distant Memory 03:50
Hugh Myrone – Sea Salt Breeze 03:31
Droid Bishop – From The Shadows 05:10
Plaisance – Under the Gentle Rain 04:41

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