Memoryy Kills on ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ Cover

Photo Credit: Memoryy.
Photo Credit: Memoryy.

Memoryy does pretty exciting things sometimes.

There was that time when the soon-to-be-former Brooklynite teamed up with Brothertiger to do an ethereal cover of Yeasayer’s classic “Ambling Alp.” Or that time he released the Young Oblivion EP, which featured the resplendent self-titled cut.

But recently the artist also known as Shaun Hettinger covered the Blue Oyster Cult masterpiece “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper,” and what it lacks in cowbell it makes up for with several tons of drama bubbling up from its seedy composition.

Hettinger’s take is filled to the brim with synthesizers that fly all over the place, even as his pitched up-and-down vocals and fat-bottom rhythm section largely stay fully grounded in the seductive muck he’s concocted.

Throughout all of this, the original’s sense of fate-acceptance survives Hettinger’s incarnation. Although he adds a lot of suspense and uncertainty in his interpretation, he still seems to be able to get the message across that what will be will be. ¿Muerte? Lo que será, será.

Go see Memoryy’s final NYC show next Saturday at The Knitting Factory. He’s moving to the desert, so give him a solid send-off.

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