Relax with Kauf on ‘Through the Yard’

Photo Credit: Kauf.
Photo Credit: Kauf.

LA-based producer Kauf has released “Through the Yard,” a gorgeous and laid-back house track reminiscent of the sloop-minded psychedelia of Seahawks or the relaxed meditations of Invisible Conga People.

The lead single from Kauf’s Regrowth LP, due on March 11, is the perfect antidote to an era in which everyone is amped up a hundredfold by the various rage-inducing things that present themselves these days.

Not that rage isn’t an important part of the spectrum of complex human emotions, but artists like Kauf have helped to make it easier to navigate that spectrum without getting stuck.

“Yard” is a warm, breezy cut through and through — from the comforting, steady backbeat to the cornucopia of interacting synths and flute samples to the breezy vocals. It could be a soiree on the beach, hang-gliding through the Grand Canyon, or even a nice drive along Highway 1 in California, and “Yard” will provide the means and the temperament to have the best time.

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