4 Synth Songs You Might Want to Hear Right Now

Fans of synthwave and other less overt 80s-inspired fare might want to hear these songs.

Lazerhawk – ‘Feel the Rush Tonight (feat. GUNSHIP)’

Nearly four years since his last LP, Austin, Texas-based retrosynth pioneer Lazerhawk has released Dreamrider. A standout cut from the primarily instrumental LP is GUNSHIP collaboration “Feel the Rush Tonight.” There’s a New Order and M83 vibe to it — a guitar-led and laid-back, dreamy synthpop scene that sticks around a while. It’s a fun return for the guy who co-owns classic synthwave label Rosso Corsa with Michael “Miami Nights 1984” Glover.

Robert Parker – ‘Power’

The ever-prolific Robert Parker will release six-song collection Awakening on Feb. 17 on Lazerdiscs Records. Until then, there’s the catchy “Power,” which sees the Swedish artist tapping into a cross between Flashdance and some long-lost Daft Punk transition album between Discovery and Human After All. It’s French Touch that Jennifer Beals can dance to.

Maethelvin – ‘Central Control Room’

The final recommendation for this quick post is a new ambient cut from Valerie Collective’s Maethelvin. The Nantes, France-based artist created the hypnotic piece with a Roland CR-78 drum machine (think Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” before the big drum fill) and an Arturia Minibrute. Along the way, he crafted a delightful mood study to color your day.

Bonus Cut: Moustache Machine – ‘Nocturne Part II’

Submitted without comment. Just enjoy it, please.