College’s New ‘Where It Begins’ Mix

College is busy with various things at the moment, whether it’s preparing to release new album Shanghai via Invada Records or embarking on a mini Euro-tour. There are probably other excellent things he’s up to right now, but those stand out to me.

Oh, and there’s this awesome Italo/synth mix of cuts he put together recently.

Some of the cuts, such as Ali Renault’s “Altro Mondo,” you’ve heard here before. The others, like A Visitor From Another Meaning’s “Neon Lights (Instrumental)” and Machinegewehr’s “Carradine,” I missed. Sorry. (Note: Many of the songs were released on the excellent Bordello a Parigi label, which just released the vinyl version of College’s recent Lost Tapes odds-and-sods LP.)

(Feature Photo: An aerial view of a portion of Nantes, France.)

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