Antoni Maiovvi: A Selection of His Greatest Work

(Editor’s Note: As part of its pair of Antoni Maiovvi posts, which includes an interviewVehlinggo is presenting you with a curated selection of some of the Giallo Disco Records co-owner’s best work. The main curator is DJ, writer, and filmmaker Pat Vehling, a longtime fan of Maiovvi. Aaron adds a couple of his own picks.)

‘Distillery’ from Tapehoarder (2013)

I chose this one because it’s a bit more traditionally club-oriented in terms of the drum samples used and track construction, or at least that’s the vibe I get. A dark, smokey club with a big bass system playing the track would be great. It has a slick groove and cool voice overdub with a 1984 vibe, of sorts.

‘Cold Confession’ from Monoceroticism (2014)

This one on the Flight Recorder label is a killer lower-BPM, late night drive/train ride track that really sucks you into a lo-fi William Gibson or J.G. Ballard feel, with its heavy bass and slightly creepy lead. Deep, heavy cut.

‘Moor Teeth’ from Tusk Wax Seventeen (2015)

His release on Tusk Wax is good across the board, especially “Ministry of Death,” but I really enjoy the Giallo touch of this cut. The disparate drum beat with what sounds like cow bells or something in the background is a dark, but upbeat take.

‘Girl You’ll Be a Robot Soon’ from Battlestar Transreplica (2011) [Aaron’s Pick]

Maiovvi’s Battlestar Transreplica is a “lost” score for a sci-fi film I wish existed. I enjoy it all, but “Girl” is a standout cut. This is an enchanting synth-heavy disco number that’s an absolute groover; and it’s bathed in a dark chill that nevertheless makes me feel warm and comforted. Super PKD vibes.

‘Many Machines On Ix, New Machines’ from The Divine Invasion EP (2011) [Aaron’s Pick]

Maiovvi’s work in the past few years sounds little like stuff he years before that. Whereas now his work might be more orchestral or heavier on the organics — and maybe even more modern-sounding — his cuts like “Machines” were straightforward, bona fide Italo-minded metric tons of fun. Essentially, this Sauroid release is hell of a lot of fun.

Those are just a few of Maiovvi’s best cuts. With a guy as prolific as him, it’s impossible for something like this to be anywhere near conclusive or exhaustive.

If you’re still itching for some more Maiovvi, check out the interview with him. You can also just live in his Bandcamp page.

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