LGHTNNG’s ‘Knife’ Remix: Serenity Vibes for Nola Wren & Kill Dave

Last year, Nola Wren and Kill Dave released the exquisite electropop/gritpop number “Knife,” which Vehlinggo premiered. The duo proved be a sweet pairing, crafting a song with high production value, killer hooks, great lyrics, and Wren’s trademark disposition as a force you don’t fuck with. Now, Dutch electropop band LGHTNNG is giving the song a chilled-out vision.

LGHTNNG brings the mid-tempo banger down to a late-night-cocktail-swilling speed, swapping out some of the electro flourishes for an island-ready arrangement and syncopation. The whole vibe is a change of scenery for the song, as if each version is dealing with a different step in the process of coping with the complicated interpersonal dynamics about which Wren sings.

An interesting note: Apparently, the remix came about because the artists connected through Vehlinggo. I don’t mean to brag or anything; I just think that’s pretty cool. LGHTNNG explains more in a publication in their native country of The Netherlands.

For more information about Nola Wren: check out her interview about “Save The Day,” her collaboration with College; another interview about her catchy “Venom” single; that “Knife” premiere I was talking about; and that time star remixer Lucian took a stab at one of her earlier songs, “College,” the original version of which was how the artist College found her in the first place).

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