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You Must Hear This Gorgeous New Electric Youth Song

9/22/17 Update: The album has arrived! Learn more.

There’s a new Electric Youth song, the first single from a new score album that is coming on Sept. 22. It’s beautiful and it shows that the duo of Bronwyn Griffin and Austin Garrick are dabbling in more traditional orchestration to pair with their synthesizer inclinations.

“This Was Our House” is the opening theme from Breathing — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from a Lost Film, which is not technically a full-length followup to 2014’s masterpiece Innerworld. As the pair say in a Facebook post, this was intended to be their first fully realized film score.

“This material started life as our first feature-length film score,” they wrote. “At a certain point in post-production, the producers changed the film so much that the director left. We followed him, taking this score with us.”

What we’re left with is — if this cut is any indication — a beautiful mix of organic-electronic compositions and ethereal vocals that will redefine Electric Youth’s career. I can’t wait to live in the album. True, their classic with College, “A Real Hero,” and the entirety of Innerworld constitute an unbridled manifestation of everything that’s good in the world. However, I’m excited for their next step.

According to the Thump premiere of the cut, this song is part of a 23-track soundtrack. Again, I can’t wait to hear it.

Want to know more about Electric Youth? They did an amazing interview with Vehlinggo last year to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Drive. Really, it’s a great interview. I’m so happy they participated in it.

You also can’t forget “Good Blood,” their stunning contribution to The Wicked Die Young.

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