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Hear a New Syntax Song & Help LA’s Homeless Youth with New Holiday Comp

Help LA’s homeless youth this holiday season by purchasing the killer compilation, Baby, It’s Killd Outside, available Nov. 24 from anti-label Kill All Music. Trust me, this thing slays.

Kill All Music is putting out a sweet collection of songs by Syntax, The Warhorse, Occams Laser, Adult Karate, Facexhugger, and others on its roster to benefit My Friends Place, an organization that helps homeless youth in the LA area find a way to lead self-sufficient lives. Don’t wait until Nov. 24, though. Pre-order it now.

Today, Vehlinggo premieres Syntax’s contribution to the cause, “Koizumi,” a gorgeous cut with the San Diego-based artist’s signature transcendent quality.

More About the Comp and My Friend’s Place

All proceeds from the compilation will be donated to My Friend’s Place, a charity that has been providing homeless youth in LA a respite from the streets with daytime shelter, meals, clothing and showers for more than 25 years. The organization serves more than 1,000 young people a year and offers services such as arts and creative workshops, life skills and job search programs, GED and homework tutoring, voter registration, substance abuse education and violence prevention training.


Full tracklist

  1. Occams Laser – “Holiday Jam”
    2. Facexhugger – “Home Alone”
    3. Astrophel – “Go Tell it on the Mountain”
    4. Syntax – “Koizumi”
    5. The Warhorse – “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”
    6. Adult Karate – “Trees”
    7. BIRTHDAY GRL – “雪”
    8. Matthew Bauer – “Black Friday”
    9. Candy Cigarettes – “Manger Scene”
    10. Hotel for Dads – “Merry Christmas, Babe”
    11. Grand Lord High Master – “It’s Fuckin’ Christmas Time”
    12. Thoz Meddlin Kidz – “Big Wristmas / Sleighride Freestyle / Carol Of The Goons”
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