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New Vehlinggo Mix: Glass Candy, Antoni Maiovvi, Circuit 7, Sinoia Caves & More

Minneapolis-based producer Mr Eff, who recently released a haunting synth score for an imaginary film on Giallo Disco Records, was kind enough to put together Vehlinggo Mix 11.

Although Mr Eff’s own work trends toward the giallo, his mix for Vehlinggo offers a nice blend of classic and new tracks from across a handful of synth-based genres.

There’s the laid-back house of Toyin Agbetu’s “Deeper Still” and Jacy’s “Trax.” There’s the synthy Italo of Glass Candy’s cover of “The Chamelon,” which was recently reissued. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke unleash some French Touch on “Most Wanted.” There’s the basement post-punk of Circuit 7. Antoni Maiovvi makes an appearance with some discotheque dystopia on “Total Empath,” from Cuckoo. Sinoia Caves is obviously a can’t miss.

There are many other damn fine cuts. Check it out via the player above or directly on Vehlinggo’s Mixcloud.

While I have you, here is some Vehlinggo audio content you might have missed.

Minneapolis-based Misty Vales’ August mix (Vehlinggo Mix 9), a serene offering replete with the likes of A.r.t. Wilson (Andras Fox), The System, 1991, Dreamcast, Unit Black Flight, The Eurythmics, and more.

Don’t forgot my mix from earlier this month, Vehlinggo Mix 10: Sometimes Reassured, but Often Frightened. On this release, I’ve created something that reflects the duality I (and others, likely) often face in modern times. We can be so very calm and utterly blasted full of rage and paranoia. Along those lines, I’ve included subdued pieces like Wyndsrfr’s “Drift” and Repeated Viewing’s “Family,” along with more tense or more aggressive numbers like College’s “The Gathering,” Disasterpeace’s title theme to It Follows, and Billy Corgan’s “Mina Loy (M.O.H.).”

Colin Bennett (FM-84)

Then there was the Vehlinggo podcast interview with internationally renowned synthwave and synthpop artist FM-84, who just finished up a sell-out show with The Midnight at The Globe in Los Angeles. For 45 minutes we discussed a lot of fascinating topics, including his career, the synthwave scene, and his live performances with singer Ollie Wride, among other things.

Also on the show was Tony Giles, whose work for Lakeshore Records’ vinyl division has him at the forefront of the zeitgeist in many ways. He’s worked on titles such as Stranger Things, Drive, and Mr. Robot, among many many others. We talk about soundtracks, composers, and the battle between fans of black-vinyl and color-vinyl, among other things.

There’s also this song by enigmatic American artist This Is Eerier. It’s a pocket symphony of noise, industrial sentiments, and synthy darkness.

(Feature Photo: Cover for Glass Candy’s I Always Say Yes LP. Photo Credit: Italians Do It Better.)

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