Take Your First ‘Communion’ with Deadly Avenger’s Haunting and Propulsive ‘Nightcrawler’

We’re a tad less than a month away from Record Store Day, a holiday with a little more meaning when you consider what’s in store: Burning Witches Records’ phenomenal RSD compilation, Communion.

“Nightcrawler,” Deadly Avenger’s haunting and propulsive contribution, is the first glimpse the public gets at Communion. And what a glimpse it is!

The cut has Deadly Avenger’s well-honed blend of dance-beat foundation and narrative dynamics, although this time the synths are crunched and spectral. Think of it as the haunted sibling of “Dead Heat” off the artist’s latest album, Everyday Is Kill.

That “Nightcrawler” is the opening track from Communion positions the cut as a sort-of electro-Giallo theme song for the entire comp. Either on its own or in that capacity, the track succeeds with great aplomb.

Communion Copies Are Limited: Don’t Miss Out

The Kent, England-based Burning Witches Records pressed 500 copies of Communion on limited-edition black and purple vinyl. This means an entire planet will be vying for this rare, coveted compilation that will include Deadly Avenger, Graham Reznick, Alone in the Woods, Timothy Fife, Espectrostatic, and several other gifted musicians.

One thing you can do to stake your claim is to ask your local record store to order some copies from the official RSD2018 list. I suspect you’ll be able to snag a copy from BWR online, too, but that’s not as fun. See you April 21.

Photo Credit: Burning Witches Records.



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