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WATCH: The Exhilarating Beauty of ‘Torchlight’ from STRSGN’s ‘Beyond’

Beyond, by talented composer S.T.R.S.G.N, is packed to the astral plane with 15 compellingly crafted synthesizer-driven tracks.

The scope of the work requires music videos befitting the level of aspiration embodied by S.T.R.S.G.N, a task Cultzilla easily achieved for cut “Torchlight,” previewed here today.

The video gives you a bird’s eye (and mind’s eye) take on traversing an urban expanse as twilight fades into a mind-bending night trek. With an array of delectable synths and a propulsive drum machine driving things, the whole “Torchlight” video experience suggests a cross between 1980s Michael Mann and those wonderful big-budget music videos labels made in the ’90s.

Beyond was released digitally and on cassette earlier this year by Lakeshore Records and MEGATAPES. It represents a repackage and remaster of S.T.R.S.G.N’s EPs (Beyond, C is for Carpenter, and Manhunter) and adds previously unreleased and unheard original tracks. Buy it now (but not on cassette — that’s long been sold out). Check out the Bandcamp link for the tracklist and album credits.

S.T.R.S.G.N is the nom de musique of Stewart Hamilton, an electronic music composer and producer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Hamilton has been making music in various identities for the past 17 years. Compelled by his love of cinema, he has focused on creating music inspired by film and TV for the past half-decade.

(Feature Photo: Artwork by Aaron Jakubenko & John Bergin. S.T.R.S.G.N font by Aleksander Shevchuk.)

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