The 2 Sides of Drum & Lace Come Alive on ‘Vesper’ & ‘per:me:ate’

Today, Drum & Lace (AKA Sofia Hultquist) released the compelling double A-side “Vesper”/”per:me:ate,” which balances a harmony of intricate, beat-heavy electronic experimentations and restrained ambient electronics. It’s available digitally and on cassette via EverybodyHz Records.

The largely instrumental numbers are ideal film score cues. “Vesper” has a large and triumphant feel to it. The sounds are manipulated to create a chopped and percussive interpretation of a cue that would color a scene post-denouement. “per:me:ate” offers a celestial sense of interconnectiveness that helps one process the events of “Vesper.” They make for a satisfying pairing.

“I liked the idea of releasing two singles that could seem sonically very disparate, but that somehow complement one another — something that would reflect the two seemingly different worlds that my music lives in,” the LA-based Hultquist said in a statement. “Releasing it as a cassette single, with an A and B side, seemed like a perfect fit for this.”

“Vesper” is about overcoming something — about “walking away, feeling like you have had the upper hand,” she said. “As weird as it sounds, writing it felt really good and satisfyingly liberating.”

“per:me:ate” is in the realm of her ambient sets that she writes and performs and which you can find in the score work she does. “This single is about the totality that an emotion can have on and over you, completely overwhelming you and permeating every part of you as you feel it,” she says.

To buy the single from the Drum & Lace Bandcamp, click on the link in the embed. Drum & Lace last made an appearance in Vehlinggo in 2017 in a review of her Midnight Roses EP.

Drum & Lace’s composition work includes writing music for fashion shows/films, commercials, and writing for feature-length films. This includes co-scoring director Andrew Rossi’s fashion documentary The First
Monday in May, which opened the Tribeca Film Festival 2016. Hultquist has scored Kate Novack’s The Gospel According to André, Ashley Bell’s Love & Bananas – An Elephant Story and Shraysi Tandon’s Invisible Hands.

Recent performances include The Echo Society VI Family concert (2017), GIRLSCHOOL Festival (2018) and The Satellite Art Show Miami Beach during Art Basel (2017).