Ollie Wride Paves His Own Way on New Single ‘Overcome’

Ollie Wride — the British singer-songwriter with the big voice and the poignant lyrics who’s effectively an official member of FM-84 — has a solo album coming out and it’s poised to see Wride embark on his own, compelling path. We hear this on “Overcome,” the first single from his forthcoming album.

When Wride has collaborated with FM-84’s Col Bennett, the results have been forays into pure 1980s-inspired synth-pop bliss with songs like “Running in the Night” and “Don’t Want To Change Your Mind,” and “Never Stop.” They distill true ’80s inspiration with the sensibilities of synthwave. But “Overcome” shows Wride is not trying to make an FM-84 song without Bennett. In keeping with the spirit of the ’80s, let me extend an analogy: there’s no confusing a Phil Collins solo effort with Genesis and vice-versa.

Cover for Ollie Wride’s latest solo single, “Overcome.” Wride is the vocalist and a key songwriter in FM-84. Credit: Randy Jacob.

Instead, Wride and producer Michael Oakley tap into Tears for Fears and ’80s-era Michael Jackson to unleash a deft exercise in catchy and engaging contemporary synth-pop. The shiny night-synths interact with axe man Chris Huggett’s searing guitars and a strutting rhythm section, over which Wride’s powerful vocals smoothly express his ability to best the obstacles in front of him. This is a very well-written song.

I’m definitely excited by this single and can’t wait to hear the full album, when it comes this fall.

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