GUNSHIP Reveal New Video for ‘When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies’

GUNSHIP’s excellent new album Dark All Day is released today, and along with it is this heartfelt video for “When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies,” featuring some truly inspiring contributions from the band’s fans, including Wil Wheaton, Jason Parks (pro skater), and Demetrius Johnson (UFC Champion).

Most notable were the fans who reenacted classic 1980s film scenes from films such as Back to the Future, Blade RunnerJaws, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Breakfast Club, and The Shining. All in all, the band received something like 1,500 submissions.

The song is an obvious reference to something Ally Sheedy’s character Allison Reynolds says in The Breakfast Club, and to complement that fans submitted words of inspiration that GUNSHIP incorporated into the song on the album. That vibe translates well to the video.

“We had no idea it would prove to be such a deeply emotional experience to witness so many people setting aside their weekends, cobbling together outfits and props and generally unleashing their creativity in insanely imaginative ways, and all to pay tribute to these golden cinematic moments that are so close to all our hearts,” GUNSHIP said in a press release. “These shared experiences and memories really bring people together, and recreating these scenes has been a great way to connect our fans with each other and with us.”

Dark All Day features contributions and collaborations from guests such as Timmy Cappello (The Lost Boys), Kat Von D, Una Healy (The Saturdays), Richard K. Morgan (Altered Carbon), and more. Because, quite frankly, GUNSHIP never half-ass anything. To buy the vinyl and merch and other lovely GUNSHIP things, check out their store.

Vehlinggo interviewed GUNSHIP (which consists of Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway and Alex Gingell) back in 2015 — one of the first interviews with the band. There was also recent content about their Ready Player One-themed song and the video for the Dark All Day title cut, which features Cappello.

The album contains 13 tracks and is available in a deluxe, limited-edition 180 gram, double-gatefold 45-rpm vinyl set with special lenticular cover, as well as in a brand new Special Edition ‘16-Bit Box Set’ that includes signed CD and a plethora of new GUNSHIP goodies. Signed CDs, “Black on Black” T-Shirt and ‘Dark All Day’ G-logo cap are also available separately.