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PREMIERE: Twin Tonality’s Ethereal ‘Drumless’ EP

Twin Tonality’s dreamy and cool self-titled EP, released earlier this year, is a true gem — a compelling blend of uplift, gloom, and atmospheric and ethereal synths and vocals. Today, I’m happy to premiere the duo’s new EP Drumless, which is coming Oct. 18.

Drumless is, as its name and songs suggest, a drumless interpretation of most songs from the original EP. However, the reworks do go beyond that and into some deft adjustments of the compositions. Even without drums, the songs that Karina Pankovska and Nicolaj Roos cultivate carry a profound resonance to them.

Twin Tonality’s compositions are centered on ethereal vocals, analog synthesizers, and tape delays, all drenched in reverb. When they do use drums, they use vintage drum machines. Together they use the tools of nostalgia for modern ends.

Twin Tonality. Photo by Morten Rygaard.
Nicolaj Roos and Karina Pankovska of Twin Tonality. Photo by Morten Rygaard.

comes out on Oct. 18 on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and others. Don’t miss it. Their self-titled EP is available now.

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