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‘The Summoner’ Is Now Available Worldwide on Vimeo

The Summoner, director James Secker’s Vehlinggo-backed drama with horror vibes, is now available to stream on Vimeo in most places across the planet. It previously was only available on Amazon for purchase or stream following stints on the festival circuit.

The film stars Le Cassette singer Adam McNab, along with Mhairi Calvey and Alexandra Hansler. Here’s the plot synopsis: In a world where spirits of the dead are the most pervasive and dangerous threat we face, the public must call upon the skills of an enigmatic ghost-hunter who gets more than he bargained for facing the most deadly threat of his career.

the summoner

The film’s soundtrack, released on Lazerdiscs Records, features artists such as Dream Fiend, Waveshaper, Vincenzo Salvia, Absolute Valentine, and Maxthor.

For more information on the film, check out this interview with Secker, who is currently a producer on a few retro-minded films, including Commando Ninja.

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