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Premiere: Graham Reznick’s Lost ‘The House of the Devil’ Tracks

Fans of Ti West’s modern-classic horror film The House of the Devil are in for a treat today.

The talented Graham Reznick — creator and director of Shudder’s excellent Deadwax series — is also a gifted musician and sound designer. His MONDO/Death Waltz and Burning Witches Records electronic releases are popular and always in demand. But before all of this — in 2008 — Reznick was involved in crafting sound for The House of the Devil. Today, Vehlinggo and Reznick bring you a special surprise to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the film’s release.

We’re presenting two potent “lost tracks” Reznick recorded while working on sound design and soundscape for the film back in 2008. (The film was officially released in 2009.) One is the eerie rocker “Suspicion” and the other is the catchy, synth-driven “Don’t Go.” They’re in the film, but they’re not on an official soundtrack release.

Specifically, “Suspicion” plays during a scene where Jocelin Donahue is listening to her headphones on the steps of her college. “Don’t Go” plays in Greta Gerwig’s car before she has her run-in with A.J. Bowen.

“After languishing on dusty hard drives for about a decade, the songs made a brief appearance on the radio in Deadwax, episode 3,” Reznick told Vehlinggo. “Since it’s the 10-year anniversary of the release of The House of The Devil, I wanted to finally make them available for anyone to listen to and download in full quality.”

After you stream the tracks above, head over to Bandcamp for the downloads.

the house of the devil
A scene with Jocelin Donahue’s character, Samantha Hughes, in ‘The House of the Devil.’

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